maiden flight

  1. TheOldMonk

    Help! Ideal weight deviation range for FT Scratch Builds to get similar performance.

    My scratch build FT Simple Scout AUW is 603 grams with 1300 mAh and 665 grams with 1800 mAh - that is 12% & 24% respectively more than what is mentioned on plans i.e. 535 grams. What is the weight deviation range that can be taken in Flitetest scratch builds to get similar Flight performance as...
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    the dreamer fly's like a dream. amazing how good it fly's
  3. R

    Solved Flite Test AN-2 Maiden tips

    I'm planning on having the maiden flight of my newly built master series an-2, and was wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on how they fly? What rates should I have, should I set expo, any bad flight characteristics, is the suggested CG good, how fast does it fly? etc. Hope these...
  4. zdsweet

    Avoiding Maiden Flight Nerves | Pre-Maiden-Flight Checklist

    Everyone knows that feeling...hours of time spent building and prepping your RC plane for its first ever flight. Worrying you may lose all that time and effort spent putting it together in a single crash on your first flight isn't fun. 😧 We teamed up with the Marymoor R/C Club in Redmond...
  5. V

    Fairly new to the hobby. First Scratch Build and Maiden flight - FT Mustang

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new, got my RC Flying wings with the Aeroscout and then the Apprentice and then discovered this amazing site (FliteTest). So tried my hand at a scratch build of the FT Mustang. Must say quite happy and proud of the end result. I live in Dubai, UAE and ordered a box of the...
  6. Charlbarl

    First build had it's maiden flight today!

    Howdy y'all! Last week I became interested in RC planes (I have a deep interest in Rocketry and love flying planes in Kerbal) and ordered a RadioLink T8FB transmitter, 2200 KV motor, ESC, pair of servos, and 3000 mAh battery. I stopped by dollar store for some Adam's foam board and duct tape. I...
  7. FoamyDM

    Micro P-38 - No Controls Just Thrust build

    FoamyDM's Wild Hair: Late october In the midst of building like a fool and drooling over the Soon to be released FT P-38. I had long ago noted Horseman P-38 build at Flitetest 2018, and vowed to build it. I had been on a bit of a PowerUp micro kick and thought... the P-38 might just be a decent...
  8. dehager

    FT Mini Corsair Maiden Flight

    Small break in the weather this afternoon here in Eastern PA so today was the day for the maiden flight! Build thread is located over in Swappables and other FT designs: I needed to add 1.50 oz. of weight to get it to...
  9. Ryder

    Baron maiden at Flite Test.

    I have been wanting to maiden this build for some time. Here my Bloody Baron’s maiden flight at Flite Fest, courtesy of Chris and his son Pablo.
  10. S

    Mig 3 Maiden

    Great maiden of my Mig 3 speed build kit. It flies like a warbird!
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    Maiden Flight.
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  13. BSquared18

    Flite-Test "Flyer" Maiden Flight and Discussion

    Hi, I recently had my first flights with a Flyer I built. In case you're interested: The YouTube Video is at: Maiden Flight of a Customized Flite-Test "Flyer" RC Airplane. The flights themselves begin at 4 min. 30 seconds. The rest is introductory stuff intended mainly for hobbyists such as...
  14. L

    New Guy with Tiny Trainer Flight Issues

    Good Day All, I have been interested in model aviation for over 40 years. As a kid I built models but could not afford the radios and servos so never flew anything I built. This past winter I purchase a Hobby Zone Champ and learned to fly it pretty well. I think decided to build the Tiny...
  15. H

    Maiden Flight - FT Old Speedster

    A short video of my Maiden flight for my FT Old Speedster. My first "foamy" as well Man this thing flies great. Nice and slow and very controlled. Well done FliteTest! Keep em coming. Camper
  16. M

    Scratch Built Carbon Fiber 360 Video Camera Platform

    Maiden flight of our beta carbon fiber prototype. It is a flying 360 video camera platform. After 13 months of development, I am proud to say the design is patent-pending & I hope to make it available soon. 360 video will be posted soon. Many thanks to Darkback2 from this wonderful forum...
  17. X

    Cessna 180 fail maiden flight

    I failed because I had the balance point set wrong , I fixed it since and this build is awesome. For a good laugh at a noob Here's the link -->>
  18. G

    Testing Explorer before maiden flight

    I have just about finished the FT Explorer -- my first RC build ever -- and am looking forward to taking it to the RC park for its maiden flight (and mine). Before I do, I'd like to know whether there's anything I can do to make sure there are no aerodynamic surprises before launching it. In...
  19. E

    I maidened my first R/C plane in 10+ years yesterday!

    See that smile!!! FT Explorer, with Powerpack B. I can't believe how easy that was, flew like a dream!
  20. Croom

    Maiden Flight, Epic Crash (Post your maidens 2?)

    I recently noticed that the 'Show us your maidens' thread was a bit full.. Feel free to post any maiden flight of yours to this thread! This video of my scratch built maiden was pretty catastrophic... as in, wing failure and skydive ;). Enjoy! Notes on plane: it was a bad design in the first...