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  1. Rames

    Natural Aluminum Finishes

    In preparation of painting my FT Sea Duck, I wanted a simple and effective way to produce a natural aluminum finish. Peter Sripol's method of sanding everything first produced excellent results; however, it is time consuming. I evaluated three enamel spray paints with and without primer. For...
  2. V

    Throttle Sensitivity

    I have tried looking around, I don't know of the correct keywords to use but... I just finished my first tricopter build and it looks like sex! i made nice foam landing gear so its a nice build for training. Though I'm having this problem where taking off isn't bad but landing it, is soo...
  3. A

    Change metal antenna on Futaba T7CAP 72 Mhz Radio???

    Hello everybody, first of all, I just joined the forum and this place is amazing!!! Lots of information everywhere, specially from this great show! =)! So, here is my question: I need to change/replace the metal antenna of my 72Mhz Futaba transmitter (model T7CAP) since it is pretty bad and...