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  1. lawrenceyy

    MiG-3 with Violent Spinner Vibrations

    I bought a spinner off Amazon thinking that I would complete my MiG-3, but it's giving me problems. The spinner doesn't have any noticeable vibrations until the throttle hits 80-100%. I have not balanced my prop or my spinner- I was hoping the spinner would work straight out of the box since I...
  2. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT MiG-3

    FT MiG-3 Description: The FT Mig 3 is a result of a wonderful to your collaboration with one of our community members, Nic Lechner. Nic’s incredible design has been simplified so it can be built as fast as it flies. The FT Mig 3 uses the same familiar techniques that are incorporated in all...