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  1. Aero_Knight

    FT Style Mini P-38/61 "Black Lightning"

    There is a post for future FT Plan Ideas and there was some discussion on the P-38 and I decided to jump in and do a design from scratch and it ended up being a bit more than what the original goal was. Thoughts, opinions, ideas are welcome while I finalize the design. Here is the result of a...
  2. Desert.Rat

    Unmanned Vehicles Report from Military & Aerospace Electronics

    This came in my email today. Looks like everyone is on the UAV bandwagon which I'm sure the FAA knew was coming down the pipe and were encouraged to make it tough for any small companies to get there foot in the door. Its all about the money, and when someone says its not about money, its...
  3. R

    Hey YOU! New guy POST :)

    Yep, new guy. I am from SC and have been in military for 20 years. Currently I travel with the military even up to Ohio (Canton - Port Clinton) to participate in shooting competition. I would love to pass by the shop, but aaaaanywho, so have had a few RC cars in the past and its fun but one...
  4. Desert.Rat

    Army eyes hand-launched quad drone + a virtual industry day Signup By Mar 18th

    Saw this in my Military & Aerospace news. With as many great quads being built and designed by everyday folks like us, this could be an opportunity for startup. Need to send interest info in by today to be invited to a virtual industry day. Companies interested should email two-page...
  5. Mastrmindz

    Aerial Footage of an Extraction

    Saw this cool vid of a military extraction. Got excellent smooth footage.