mini quad

  1. R

    Went back to the forest again

    last week i went back to the forest!
  2. R

    Beautiful forest FPV freestyle

    Last weekend we went back to the forest...
  3. R

    Rippin' the park FPV freestyle

    A dark and cold day...
  4. R

    Autumn Sun FPV freestyle

  5. R

    Autumn sun FPV freestyle!!

  6. R

    The birth of a fpv racedrone

    In this video i'm showing you how i make my own racequads from scratch using my CNC machine
  7. A

    FPV Freestyle and Proximity Practice

    Got the chance to fly a couple of batteries at a fairly local park Hope you enjoy sorry for there been some jello at points i am pretty sure i had an unbalanced prop and I cant say my motors are in the best condition either: ( Setup: Frame: Diatone 250 Motors: Multistar 2204 2300kv ESCs: Afro...
  8. R

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    Last week we went to the forest!
  9. R

    90 seconds of gate fun FPV freestyle

    Yesterday we put up some gates and went flying
  10. R

    Making a lowrider frame with a cnc machine!

    In the last couple of month i worked on a new design for my new mini quad. And this build i wanted to try something different. For a long time now i wanted to make a lowrider quad but i was scared i couldn't fit the electronics. With this build i think it's possible. The space between the two...
  11. rcflyer729

    Thunderbolt 230 and 250 mini quads

    I wanted to let you all know I have designed a mini quad and I cnc cut my own frames. I am 17 and have been flying for around 7 years. Over a year ago I started flying mini quads. Here are the specs and some pictures of my frame. The Thunderbolt Mini Quad is a high quality quadcopter frame...
  12. S

    Best Fpv #22 - Flying Wings, Streamers, Aerobatics, and More!

    Hey guys, here's another video of our group flying. My buddy used his mini quad to record this footage. A big thanks to him for letting me make a video out of it. Hope you guys like it!
  13. J

    bulk 5x3 props for mini quads (100 props for $30) *new link* that should help alot of people either 80 props for $35 or 200...
  14. O

    Next Multirotor?

    Hello, I am new around here, so any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I have had a few years of experience with RC flying; airplanes, helicopters, RTF quads, etc. Over this past year (on and off), I have build a ~450mm quadcopter and fitted it with the FatShark Teleporter 3 kit to...
  15. RedTwenty

    Getting in some stick time with the mini quads...

    This isn't article material but I had such a great time exercising the fingers the other day I wanted to share a couple of the videos. The two frames I was flying were the R220 & PM300 mini quads. Both are frames I CNC cut myself as those who follow my articles on the main site will be aware...
  16. rcflyer729

    help designing carbon mini qud to be sold for around $60

    help designing carbon mini quad to be sold for around $60 Hi my name is Luke I have been flying rc stuff for around 7 years. I am 16 and got into fpv around a year ago and I got my fist mini quad around July 2014. So I bought an emax mini quad and really like it but I have gotten pretty good at...
  17. R

    Can You Use 4s Battery on 3s Motors

    I'm building a mini quad and bought a 4s battery not knowing the motors where 3s. The esc's are rated for 4s so I go a 4s battery and relized today the motors are for 2 to 3s, will this work or should I use a 3s battery.
  18. R

    Mini H Quad FPV

    I'm making a mini h quad and have a 5.8ghz FPV transmitter. I've heard you should use 600mW on a mini quad but mine is 200mW will this work or not.
  19. M

    Greenhorn First Quadcopter Build

    Hey, RC enthusiasts First of all I want to apologize for my English, I live in Belgium so I don 't talk English that often. Lately I was reading about RC vehicles, especially quadcopters. At first the "information" I 've red was overwelming n what parts you all need en which ones are "good" and...
  20. S

    FPV Mini Quad Racing - Gate Camera - Crashes & High Speed Passes (Berkeley, CA)

    Here is my edit of our FPV Racing meetup on Dec 7th in Berkeley, CA. If you are in the area look up FPVExplorers on