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mini sportster

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    Help Needed with FT Mini Sportster

    Hi all! This is my first forum post and I am pretty new to RC planes, so I figured I should see what advice. I built a Mini Sportster from a speed build kit recently. I am having trouble with it's performance and cannot figure out why - so I am looking for some help. It has an Emax MT2204 -...
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    Flite Test Builds: Add FPV?

    Hi everyone ;) ! I am looking to build a small aircraft that has some acrobatic possibilities and can carry a small fpv system like the Eachine TX03 (weighs about 6 grams). Which ft planes would carry it fine? In particular, would the mighty mini sportster, the mighty mini dr1 and/or se5 carry...
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    A Quick Thank You

    I want to give a quick "Thank You" to Mary at Flite Test. She manufactured my Mighty Mini Sportster Speed Build Kit! Thanks again Mary
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    FT Sportster build video qustion

    Watching the build video for the FT Sportster. Did they use the same 4.7 gram Digital servos on the FT Sportster that they used on the FT Mini Sportster?