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  1. Vampircorn

    DX4e Elevon Mixing Problem

    I just built the FT Mighty Mini F-22 tonight, and I have encountered a problem with the elevons and my DX4e transmitter. When I flip the mix switch the elevons work, but the stick's controls are swapped. What I mean by this is that (in Mode 2) moving the right stick up/down controls the roll...
  2. H

    AXN Cloud Jet Rates, Expo, and Mix

    I have a Spektrum tx and rx and am looking for some guidance as to throw rates, expo, and mixing for the upcoming maiden flight of my AXN Cloud Jet. I have the aileron control rods in the horn slot closest to the wing (max throw) and the rudder and elevator control rods in the middle horn slot...
  3. L

    VTOL controllability

    Wanted to run this idea/question by the community, but perhaps it's already been covered elsewhere. Regardless..... I've been running some designs on paper for a 3 motor VTOL design. Yes, I know it's nothing new but wanted to give it a shot anyway. My design will have two motors in the front...