1. Q

    Do you need a flight mode switch?

    I know it's a dumb question but as soon as you google it the only thing that pops up is the airplane mode switch on you phone :/. So I have a 6ch transmitter/receiver combo and one of the channels is assigned to the flight mode switch which I never use so I only have one other control option...
  2. T

    Tricopter Transmitter settings ?? (Heli v. Acro, StickSet Mode) ???

    I've just completed a tricopter build and I am wondering what I should set my radio to, Heli v. Acro and what StickSet Mode I should use? Any help would be appreciated. Specs: i86L Flight Controller Plush 40A ESC's AX-2810Q-750KV motors Turing 9X radio
  3. H

    Quadcopters with manual mode

    Can someone tell me what all are the options for buying the quadcopters have manual/agility/acrobatic mode in addition to the stability mode.Some that I know of are Blade Nano QX, LaTrax Alias,Blade 250 QX
  4. E

    Flight mode "attitude" Turnigy TGY i6 for quadcopter

    Hi, I'm using the Turnigy TGY i6 transmitter for my quadcopter but I have a question about flight modes. I want my quadcopter to auto-level once I release the right stick, and I've read that this can be made using "Attitude" flight mode. But I only found Normal and sport flight modes. Then...
  5. aslansknight

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer [answered] I started by building the FT 3D because I thought it looked super cool. (Not a good reason to build an RC plane, I've discovered.) I then proceeded to crash it into the ground, a few trees, a light post, several bushes, etc... That was all fun - and...