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    FT Simple Cub modifications

    Hello all! So I'm currently getting a Simple Cub ready to go, but have a few modifications in mind. First and foremost, I'm a HUUUUGE fan of STOL planes. As such, Ive decided to make my Simple Cub more of a bush plane design. I have a pair of 3" wheels for my main gear (a whopping half inch...
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    Hardtop Spitfire modification

    I recently finished building the FT Spitfire but when it came to fitting the swappable power pod I found that the sides of the pod became stuck on the spray adhesive (on the inside of the fuselage) I had used to temporarily attach the plans to the foam board for cutting. I almost destroyed the...
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    Air Tunnel

    For most of us an air tunnel would not be used very often and would be too big to store (probably), but for flitetest who make lots of designs and modifications, it seems like a useful item to have. 1 or 2 large fans in a housing, preferably a transparent housing (or camera inside), speed...