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motor mount

  1. E

    FT Firewalls and Larger Motor Mounts

    Got a new NTM 35-36 motor and the X-mount for it. Of course it's a little big for the standard FT firewall. Three mounting bolts can be squeezed onto it, but not four. Here are my ideas: 1: Make a slightly bigger firewall/powerpod 2: Put three bolts in it and use some gorilla glue...
  2. L

    Bloody Wonder motor thrust angle

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to install my motor and esc in my first bloody wonder and I'm not sure if I should add down thrust and right thrust to the motor mount. The last planes I built 15 years ago all had a few degrees of down and right so I was wondering if this plane needs it or should I just...
  3. F

    ElectroHub motor mount question (newbie)

    I'm looking to build a quad using the ElectroHub kit. I was wondering if anyone can help me understand the simple disk motor mount. How does the motor get attached to the motor mount? I see that each disk has 4 holes and the photo shows 2 of these used to secure the disks to the boom. Do I...
  4. M

    UK Scratch Build

    Hi, Recently introduced to flite test by my little bro and I've gotta say, its flipping amazing. Dead keen on getting started on a scratch build but since I'm in the UK i'm having trouble sourcing some of the parts. I can get hold of some of the foam board the team use in the videos but the...
  5. H

    Swappable Power Pod Upgrade

    Built a power pod upgrade. Check it out, I can make some pdf plans if anyone wants them. Thanks, Brad
  6. L

    New Cheap Versitile Scratch Built Motor Mount/Firewall

    I am three weeks into this scratch building disease and I came up with a cheap yet effective and versatile idea for a motor mount. Go to you local home improvement store's electrical sections and look at the single gang new work boxes. Make sure to look at the HEAVY DUTY ones... can you see the...