motor size

  1. S

    Help! Choosing the right motor, battery and esc

    Hey Everyone. So I'm planning to build a slightly heavier modified version of the ft storch and would like to know how to choose my motor, esc and batteries. The plane will be the same size as the ft storch, but possibly heavier due to the dense foam board I'm planning to use, and the...
  2. nhk750

    Storch Motor, which one?

    I am in the process of scratch building a new Storch, as my old one is getting towards the end of its life, including the motor... In my internet searches I am having a problem finding any motor recommendations for the Storch. So far I have found this one that looks good, Turnigy D3530/14...
  3. electricRC

    Flyer 370

    I just built the FT Flyer last night (went really well for first scratch build although time consuming) and now I'm figuring out the electronics/power package. I do plan to eventually build the Cruiser and warbirds when my skill level of flying is to that level. The FT crew recommends roughly a...