1. K

    Brushless Motor Shakes Then...

    Okay So I Bought My Stuff From HobbyKing It Arrived Got Everything Soldered And Stuff Then I Turned On My Radio And Put Throttle To Full Plugged ESC Into The Receiver And Plugged In My Battery Then I Waited On Beeps And Set Throttle Range Then Went TO Throttle Up And Then I Had Issues Where...
  2. G

    Strange motor runaway issue with kk2

    I have a strange issue that just cropped up. I have a 450 quad with a kk2.0 board with 1350KV motors that was completely rock solid stable, one of the motors M3 started with bearing issues so I swapped out all the motors with some 900KV motors because I didn't have a replacement 1350KV. I went...
  3. S

    Power System Help

    Hi, I needed some help putting together a power system that for a slow stick plane. Here's the link to some stuff I picked out Please check it out and do let me know if its good or...
  4. J

    Engine Problem Diagnosis UMX Carbon Cub

    Hey all. I have a used carbon cub SS that I bought online for cheap. I replaced an elevator micro servo and found out the original motor wasnt working. I replaced the original motor with a newer 2500 kv motor that is now on the MK2's. I noticed that sometimes in flight the motor will cut out for...
  5. Maingear

    Kraken Incident Report

    Built Kraken exactly as published with suppo gear and metal gear servos. 10 gauge harness from batt to ESCs. Both esc would not run on a 2c 5000mah batt (within spec of electrical system) in lipo mode(1). Consulted suppo factory and recomended manually checking cells to ensure min voltage not...
  6. S

    2S/3S & Motors?

    I have a motor that takes a 2S and 3S batteries. Will the motor react any differently to a 3S than it does a 2S? Is there a difference in flight time? I realize the 3S has higher voltage but how does that play into the performance of the motor? Thank you
  7. S

    Noobie - Small Motors?

    What do you use for small motors like what's called for on the swappables? It's proving difficult to find reasonable motors in the 29g range. I went with a suppo 2208/14 to start with but it's still 36 grams. Any suggestions on where to find these tiny little things?
  8. jamieFL

    Help Understanding Motor Size/KV/Power

    I am building a V-Tail and have almost everything decided/purchased except the motors/props/esc. The weight minus the Naze32 flight controller and OSD module is 430 grams and the average weight of my 2200mah 4S batteries is 250 grams. The booms are currently 11.5 inches long and will be...
  9. H

    Spitfire Help

    So I have just recently built a spitfire from the speed build kit, went to go give it the maiden flight and of course something goes wrong, the motor (SUPPO 2208/14 1450KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR) will start up and go up to about 2/3 throttle, once it goes any higher it will suddenly stop and create...
  10. B

    FT Spitfire and Mustang - motor question

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and been flying a FT Spitfire and now a FT Mustang. Both seem just a bit underpowered with the NTM 2826 1200kv motor... Running a 3s 2200mah and 9x6E prop. I really want a little more punch so I want to upgrade but I don't have a idea what to look for. I've come across...
  11. A

    episode request about motors and batteries

    I have a request, as someone getting into the hobby. I am often overwhelmed by the numbers being thrown around. I know that you guys give battery and motor recommendations for the planes you test. but what about an episode on how you chose the right battery and ESC for the motor. Or how to chose...
  12. P

    motor selection

    Hello, I am tired of my dt750's and I want to upgrade but I can't decide between the sunnysky v2216 8 or 900kv and the Turnigy multistar 2216 800kv. What motor should I chose?
  13. P

    Alternatives Motors For Blackout Mini H Quad?

    Hello pilots, I need some help choosing some alternative motors for the Blackout Mini H Quad. The ones on the Blackout site are $43 dollars a piece! Any suggestions?
  14. B

    Prop Saver Not Holding Props On

    I've been using the recommended electronics on my FT Flyer and my FT Delta. Specifically the motor is a hexTronik 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1300kv. Lately I've been having trouble with the prop flying off mid-flight. In fact, if I hold the plane in my hand and run the motor all the way up, the...
  15. F

    Trouble with Suppo ESC/motor

    Greetings! This is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and I've finally reached the point where I need to reach out for some advice. So I've just finished building my first FT Spitfire. She looks pretty good considering my limited experience with scratch building. I'm installing the...
  16. W

    H-Quad motor choice.

    I have recently built a H-Quad (flitetest's) and I put some of the cheap 24gram motors from hobbyking on the frame however I have now realized that A they are vastly under powered and B that they are SHOCKING quality, there were little chips of aluminium in the magnets and some around the...
  17. P

    what motor should I get?

    I have run out of motors after using up my DT-750s on my tricopter. My previous purchase of Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2822-1090kv Brushless Outrunner Motor turned out to be a bummer. They are burning up with Plush 30 amp escs with 8045R props. So, now the question is.. which motors should I get...
  18. L

    Restricted motor amperage

    New to the hobby and having trouble setting up my first power system. Doing some bench test with a wattmeter to verify its operation before installing on the plane. I am only getting 10 A from a motor that is capable of handling 40. I have gone through all of the ESC programming options and...