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  1. D

    DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System

    Hi, DJI recently came out with the Snail Racing Propulsion System, and it looks pretty good. But, I am having trouble finding any info about it/reviews. I was just wondering what peoples' thoughts are on the motors. Has anyone actually used them on a quad? Click here to go to DJIs site and...
  2. F

    Motor Mounting

    Ok, so i am building a Lumenier QAV-R, the frame is 4mm thick, the motors im using come with 5mm screws. is that long enough? is 1mm enough? or should i buy longer? how much space is there before i screw into the stator? Im using the Lumenier 2206 2350kv motors Thanks everyone for the help!
  3. JimCR120

    HiTec Propel Motors

    I've noticed a new banner ad lately. HiTec Propel motors that have an integrated ESC. I don't go through ESC's and therefore wonder why not get some motors with the ESC built in. Has anyone any experience with these specific motors? Has anyone any experience with other motors with the ESC's...
  4. T

    Need help with upgrading/repairing my drone (mainly new Motors)

    Hello, first of all, I hope this is the right sub-forum. Second, I need advices for my Quadcopter. I built it pretty clueless a year ago from an instrictable, this are the specs: Hobbyking X580 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV with Prop mounting stuff Afro ESC 30Amp...
  5. L

    So I want to make a fast plane...

    I need someone to explain KV to me. Keep it simple. Ive read the technical definition and understood very little. Act as if Im five :P Also, Id like to keep it in the traditional electric motors. No etf rocket jet type motors :)
  6. C

    Motors for multiple hats

    Hi guys! I am on a really tight budget for projects. I want to build FT planes, and then after that use those same motors to create a tricopter. What motor would be good to create a nice tricopter, but at the same time works for FT planes, like the Guinea Pig,FT-3D,(Kraken maybe?) etc. Is there...
  7. D

    Blunt Nose Versa Wing: Did I Choose the Right Motor for SPEEEEED?

    Hi, All! So, I'm hoping I picked a good motor that will give me sick speed on my Blunt Nose Versa Wing build, now in progress. I'll be running a 4s 2250 LiPo, 60A BL Heli ESC, and a SunnySky 2820-6 / 920 KV. I know the KV is a bit low, but here's the stats on an APC 11x8 prop (which I know is...
  8. R

    Help with 400% DTFB Guinea pig electronics

    Hello my name is Ryan, and I am wondering what size motors and servos I should use in a 400% Guinea pig? I have estimated the weight of the frame ,with no electronics, to be 37lb. This includes the foam board, 10' aluminum 1" square box spar, and 10, 12 stick packs of hot glue. I have no idea...
  9. Loudmouthman

    HELP : 57seconds of strange Motor behaviour

    I figured it would be easier to demonstrate the issue I am having with a recent build. The motors are behaving erratically though now I come to type this I wonder if I should swap around the connectors at the board to see if its the ESC/Motors or the FlightController. Im going to go away and try...
  10. T

    Versacopter Help?

    I have recently bought a Versacopter V2 with the GR 18 and MZ 12, I got everything setup except a bit of the radio and receiver setup. I have found out a while ago that the one of the motors would just beep over and over and wouldn't spin but the other 3 did but just today I started the...
  11. J

    Motors Spin Up & Stop Immediately

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the Naze32 Board, and currently having issues with my motors. I am running an AfroFlight Rev5 board along with DYS 1806 2300kv motors, Turnigy 10A ESCs, HK6S, and a Turnigy nano-tech 1.3A 3S battery. I am able to arm and disarm the motors using the transmitter...
  12. D

    Newbie Needing Some Serious Help - MOTORS WON'T SYNC

    :applause:Hey All, So i'm a complete newbie to this site and the whole quadcopter hobby, it's been quite the experience so far!!. After tons of research and Youtube Videos I thought I could build my very first FPV250 quadcopter without any hassles - but of course nothing goes smoothly ;). After...
  13. L

    FT Dragonfly - Powerpack questions.

    Hello FT. I purchased the Dragonfly kit with the Pentacopter power pack, and I just received it. (Thanks a lot Danish customs). My question is: From the description on the power pack it should include 2 Emax motors with CW threaded shaft and 3 with CCW threaded shafts. The picture in the...
  14. The Alpine Ace

    Mighty Mini Motor Meyhem

    I'm interested in building an FT Mighty mini (don't know which one yet, probably P51) and I am on a low budget. I had a spare 24 gram blue wonder laying around and I was wondering if that small motor would work on a mini. I have a 12 amp esc and all kinds of batteries. I'm worried about 1. Will...
  15. M

    QAV 180 What Motors?

    Im planning on building a 4S QAV 180 and was wondering what Motors would make it a very fast quad? I have built a 250 before but I'm not an expert on the motor sizes. Thanks, Tom.
  16. C

    converting tricopter parts to a mini quadcopter need help

    I recently crashed a Fortis Airframes TITAN Tricopter and the frame is completely broken. All the electronics still work fine so i want to use them to build a mini quadcoter for fpv racing. But I don't have enough money to buy a whole new set of electronics. So my issue is I don't know if the...
  17. K

    Proof read my quadcopter build please!

    Hi guys so im planning my first scratch quadcopter build after toying around with a small quad for a while and I now want something to get some aerial footage of the world with my gopro! Im hoping to keep this build cheapish and here is what I'm planning to get so far: Motors- Multistar 2213...
  18. C

    Which motors do I use?

    Hi, I am currently ordering parts for a Tarot Iron Man 650 that I will use for AP. I am torn between two motors. The "Quanum MT Series 3508 700KV Brushless Multirotor Motor Built by DYS" or the "Multistar Elite 4006-740KV Multi-Rotor Motor" I will be using the Qbrain 4 in 1 25A ESC, does...
  19. T

    Motors in the shop not 4S compatible ?

    Hello, I just received my Quadcopter D pack from Flite Test, and I see that on the motors, there is written that I have to use smaller props with a 4S battery. Could you tell me why ? Can't I use the same (10 x 4.5) provided with the pack to use with my 4S battery ? I don't see why this would...
  20. B

    New Quad problem. motors? escs? fc??

    Did my Flip32 S**t the bed??? or the motors/esc's??? Hey guys! Im new to the multirotor world, I just built my first quad and finally got it up in the air the other day with zero issues without any tuning. but after my first flight i ran into some (what appears to be) serious issues. if you...