music wire

  1. S

    Scratch Landing Gear Question

    Hello! Me and some of my classmates are working on designing and building an rc aircraft from scratch, for a project. My job, currently, is to design the landing gear for the aircraft. Due to constraints given to us and a required payload, our final design is roughly 6 lbs when fully loaded...
  2. KingWookie

    Very easy way to straighten wire

    Hi Guys, Earlier this week I started a thread asking where i could buy music wire since my local hobby shop is now closed and no other place seems to sell the stuff. There did not seem to be any alternatives except to buy online which I do not like because you cant really get a good idea of the...
  3. Z

    Music wire?

    Flite Test, for some of their scratch builds, say that they were using "music wire" or "piano wire". What exactly is that and why is it called that?