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naza lite

  1. elicottero78

    Can you build my laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter?

    Good day, here you can download the dxf files of my project.....laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter....naza lite or kk v2 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2180170 Hope you can try it, I want your opinion, thank you
  2. C

    Versacopter with NAZA Lite flight system

    My first post to the FliteTest forum. Two photos of a Versacopter set up with a NAZA Lite flight control system with GPS. Powered by an 1800 mah Lipo which is mounted on the bottom of the quad along with the E-PACK 2205/2300KV configuration.
  3. G

    Inspire 1 camera on other aircrafts???

    Hello, I'm wondering if you could use the Inspire one camera (http://goo.gl/8b0ywZ) on other aircrafts like my F450 with Naza Lite upgraded to Naza V2 ?? I'm exploring alternatives for a GoPro and a gimbal, mainly because my GoPro is broken and I'm looking for an upgrade. Thanks for stopping...
  4. J

    X style quad with Naza Lite gets short flite times

    Hello, I have a X Style quad frame with Naza Lite Flight controller, This is almost identical to the Flamewheel 450. my current setup is : Dimension : 490mm x 490mm x 140mm Motor to Motor : 450mm Propeller Size : 8" X 4.5" Carbon Fiber Propeller Take off weight : 850g (Max safety...
  5. B

    9XR or DX8 with Naza Lite Qaud

    I am currently re-building a quad from whats left of my any copter hub. I was flying on the KK2 board and had good success, but crashed and am starting from new. My quad is larger than most commercially avail quads with 650mm between each motor. I built it bigger for more stability with the...
  6. J

    Naza Lite not finding home position, TBS Discovery pro

    Hi Guys, I hope I'm posting this is the correct place I'm new to the forum thing! Apologies if the answer I'm looking for is already here somewhere I've had a quick look but can't find it. I've just finished building a TBS Discovery pro with Naza Lite FC. I'm having problems getting it to...