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naze 32

  1. W

    CleanFlight - Naze 32 - RaceStar 20A ESC on FPV Racer

    Hey Folks! Okay I have been building this FPV Racer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Avp8MurmeEY&t I have it built but have a potential issue. When O go into Cleanflight > Motors everything spins perfectly. However, when I just plug in a battery and test it with the transmitter, 1-2 of the...
  2. U

    Broken ESC or Naze 32?

    Hi guys, So, my esc's or naze is acting up as you probably saw in the title of the post. I am running the Naze 32 Fc flashed with the Cleanflight/NAZE 1.13.0 Jun 6 2016 firmware. My esc's are blheli rotorgeek 20A paired with red bottoms. Everything was working fine until I transferred...
  3. 8

    Motor issues!!! Please help!

    Hi all, First of all, I am extremely happy to be part of this ever growing community! Flite test has certainly played a major role in doing that! I am having motor sync issues. I scratch built my first ever quad - a 250 frame. I have put my specs at the bottom of this thread. Basically, I am...
  4. J

    Best Procedure for PID tuning

    I have a naze 32 on a 250 race style quad. Basically I want to get the most out of my PID tuning. I fully understand the P-I-D coefficients and what they do, I'm a mechanical engineer by training, but that doesn't give me the hands on to PID tuning procedure. So how do I start? zero...
  5. 1

    Naze32 motor port 4 fried Suggestions to switch port?

    So port four on my quad is not letting my motor to spin up. I was wondering if I could change it to port 5 on the naze32 because everything else is working. I tried to do custom motor tab but couldn't get it to switch to port 5. Thanks for the help
  6. J

    Naze 32 rev 6 setup

    Hello, noob here. I recently completed my first build of a new y6 copter and I have started the installation of my naze board. I have a naze 32 rev 6 board and I have already flashed it. It came with a breakout cable with 8 connections. Can anyone tell me what connection go where on my spektrum...
  7. L

    Naze 32 - No Throttle/Roll/Pitch/Yaw Inputs

    I've watched the FT Naze 32 board setup video (for the 10th time) and wanted to ask for assistance. I'm trying to setup my new Naze Acro board on my quadcopter. I went through all the steps in the video but cannot get my throttle, roll, pitch and yaw signals from my receiver to register with...
  8. rexion

    naze 32 flashing wrong firmware. I need help

    today i recently recived my new versacopter and would like to know if i ruined my naze 32 by flashing the wrong firmware onto it?
  9. Kurt0326

    Naze 32 FT Cruiser

    So here is an idea I have to add a Naze 32 to my FT Cruiser. Hopefully in the future I will be adding my FPV gear, for the ultimate of becoming an Air Bear. But baby steps. First, I am seeking help with the wiring. There is not a lot of help out there on fixed wing Naze 32, not sure why. If you...
  10. J

    Naze32 / Flip32+ satalite reciever fix

    Here is a Naze setup that I would like to show every one. Its a flip32+ with Bluetooth and a Spektrum satellite receiver. Some things to note are that the flip32 stock does not work with the satellite plug. You have to fix the board or use a special plug. This fix uses the gps rx pin so if you...