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naze32 rev 6

  1. V

    Grrrrr this new miniquad stuff is driving me mad.

    Why can't they be as easy as cars?! Just kidding, after struggling with my new (first aerial vehicle) multirotor, it's not exactly been the smoothest process. I'm running a naze32 rev6 acro FC, 4 racerstar br2205 motors (2600kV), 4 racerstar 30A escs, the usual matek pdb and a turnigy 9x...
  2. K

    I need help with my new Versacopter V2 Naze32 rev 6 RPM trouble

    So this is my first Quadcopter build though I have built and flown planes for years. I built the new Versacopter V2 while watching the build video and the Naze32 video from flitetest. I calibrated everything per the video and flitetest tech support. When I have it hooked up to cleanflight (no...