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need help

  1. waxton

    I just need advice (or goggles)... If you could help, that'd be great :)

    So basically I've been wanting to get into drones and stuff for a while now, and I have had a couple small ones before, but this year for christmas I finally got a Luminer QAV 250. In addition, I also got a flysky controller, and a tiny 5.8 GHz camera and transmitter. However, I do not have a...
  2. A

    Need Help ASAP

    Need Help Choosing a Plane Hello everybody, Im having a difficult choice between two planes, and thought that the people on this forum could help. The two planes I am deciding between is the: "Hobbyzone sports cub S"...
  3. P

    I need help, to at least not crash on take off.

    Okay, I'm puzzled. I'm new to the hobby of RC Planes. Since I knew that I was gonna crash at first, I went for the foam board building and I bought necessary electronics. As of now I've built 5 different planes. 2 from other sites (The maker hanger 2 and the mermaid.) 1 try at my own design and...
  4. Vlad

    HK RX binding issue.

    I bought a pair of HK TX and RX in a package deal and managed to get the two hooked up and flying for a time. When I burned out an ESC I had to do some work and the RXs became unbound. Try though I might I can not get them bound back together. One the red light flashes very fast but never...
  5. S

    Noob needs help on first build! Please and thank you! :)

    Hello everyone! Sorry moderators, i didn't know which forum to post this in. My name is Serg From Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am 24 years old and i have great aspirations of becoming a real pilot some day.... But for the time being, RC keeps a Big smile on my face. I currently own only a...