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new zealand

  1. ScreamingChicken

    Any Kiwis tried Warehouse Stationery 5mm foamboard?

    I'm based in Whangarei, trying to find some half decent foamboard for building. Seems my only 2 real choices locally are Warehouse Stationery (who only seem to have the 5mm 20"x30" sheets) and Bunnings that sells Elmers 5mm foamboard. From looking through the forums, it sounds like Elmers is...
  2. K


    Hi guys! I am from Christchurch NZ. I am trying to get my hands on some adams foam board. Unfortunately the only place I know that stocks it in NZ is in the north island.... kind of a long drive away. So if anyone in NZ can tell me somewhere else that stocks it that would be great. Otherwise...
  3. P

    Waiheke Island (NZ) awesome scenery and blue waters

    Put this video together about a month back, thought i would share it with you guys to see what ya think of it. Using a go pro 3+ and a tarot gimbal on a custom lunchbox H-quad running a ardupilot apm 2.5.
  4. crankcasenz

    Any Kiwi's lurking?

    Hey, anyone from New Zealand lurking about the forums, building FT planes? Couple of us in Dunedin building FT swappable's currently. Wishing we had a DollarTree store!