1. Montiey

    Long exposure photos of LED-lit planes

    Some folks at FF '18 had a small squadron of planes with led strips glowing nicely. Most of the exposures took around 3 minutes, and resulted in some nice wallpaper. Link
  2. T

    night flying with the new water resistant foam board

    I am going to build a Krackin with the water resistant foam board they now sell. My question to anyone out there is if i mount my LED light strips in side the plane will it light up enough to fly it at night, like my Storch made out of the white foam board? for some strange reason there has...
  3. T

    Long range night flight

    This was a flight done around 10:00 pm. I have lights in the plane for take off and landing. Once it gets to altitude I turn them off. You can see the plane 3 miles away when they are on. I use a 1000tvl cam and a 4mm night lens. This flight was done with a full moon. I was very impressed with...
  4. C

    FPV Night Vision Camera?

    I'm looking to buy a light weight but high quality night vision camera to fly with an FPV setup on a tricopter as a gift. I've been googling and going through the forums but I think I'm just confusing myself. Any suggestions would be very very appreciated. Thanks!
  5. F

    cessna 185 night flyer!

    Hey guys just thought I would post some pictures of my latest build. I got the plans from RCGROUPS and modified them to work with DTFB (which didn't take much.) Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the build process, I really need to get better at that. I can however try to answer any...
  6. T

    Help me complete my lighting diagram please

    Got all my gear, now I have to assemble it. But first ... I need to make sure I am wiring this right. If you more experienced pilots and builders could lend me a hand it would be greatly appreciated. Below is my unfinished diagram (please forgive the MS Paint Graphics, my graphic design...
  7. T

    FT "Night" Flyer

    I had so many flashcopters I took a few apart and hot glued the LEDs to my FT Flyer. It was WAY brighter than I expected.
  8. Mastrmindz

    First Night Flying - Used an Anycopter

    So, I have clocked in less than an hour of flight time on my tricopter, and I decided to do some night flying.....(such a newb). I added some LED's to it and I had an absolute blast. Assembling the LED's was difficult. The strips I got left very little space for soldering and the wires kept...
  9. Johan

    Found some night-time quadcopter FPV, from WITHIN fireworks display

    This guys filmed a fireworks display using his quad while the quad was right in the middle of some fireworks, pretty neat:
  10. G

    Night flying photos

    Hi Guys / Gals, My buddy and I have added some HK LED's to our PZ Trojan T-28's. We chose this plane as our night flyers, because it is a docile plane to fly, can carry a 3S 2200Mah battery with ease, and it has the tricycle landing gear which is probably going to be a a great deal easier to...