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old speedster

  1. joker24458

    Swappables landing gear wire thickness?

    Hey guys, First off, I'm fairly new to the FliteTest Forum although I have been closely following FliteTest for 2 years and am on the site almost every day. I've scratch built many different planes, many of them FliteTest designs, but 99% of them without landing gear. I'm also about to scratch...
  2. Vlad

    Old Speedster ESC help needed

    So I am looking to build a pair of Old Speedsters so that my grandfather (a former private pilot) and myself (only trained on combat simulators and a full scale Cessna 172) to get into the hobby. I have done a little flying with a S.E.5a from flyzone that I burned the ESC out on within a month...
  3. D

    Old speedster electronics

    I want to build the old speedster and went to laser toys to buy a Powerpod kit. There is not one listed yet. I need to know what to buy that will make a good slow flyer? Any help would be great. Dave