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  1. L

    Eachine Racer 250 FC Flashing

    I got a Eachine Racer 250, but I'm unable to connect to the FC with OpenPilot. Apparently, that was the included firmware. The flight controller doesn't have boot pads, so how am I supposed to flash it? The chip onboard is a gd32f103, a cheap STM32 compatible Cortex M3 MCU. Thanks, luketheduke
  2. T

    openpilot vehicle setup wizard not working?

    This is my first quadcopter with anything other than a kk2 flight controller andi finally found a download for openpilot because thats what is etched on the bottom of the flight controller. then after a while i got the flight controller to be recognized by openpilot. the only problem is that...
  3. S

    Changing "airframe" in Openpilot on an Eachine Racer 250

    I just got an Eachine Racer 250, and I love it. My first FPV racer...been having fun with it and getting it tuned in. I have an issue though.... I switched props from the stock Diatones, since well...the stock props seem to be waaaay too soft. Got some DAL 5040s. Anyway, when you set up the...
  4. kah00na

    CC3D Flight Board for 250 Size Quad

    How do you think a OpenPilot CCD3 would work on a 250 sized quad? Banggood.com is selling them for $29.40 now. I had been using an Acro Naze32 and it was great, the KK2.1.5 I'm using now, is a little wobbly but can does the job.
  5. L

    Control Boards: What control boards do you use?

    I'm new to the hobby and I've looked at the 3DR Pixhawk, kk2 and the Openpilot. The KK2 looks like a cheap easy option that I'll probably get for my first multirotor but when looking at autopilot systems I'm caught up between the OpenPiot Revolution and the Pixhawk. I want to get a Blackout H...