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  1. Snarls

    Shopping For a 3D Printer - Advice and Opinions Needed

    Hey everyone, I am looking for opinions and advice on 3D printers. I am hoping to finally get my own 3D printer early this winter. Problem is, I know barely anything about 3D printers. I know the general concept of how they work, but I have no idea what makes one printer better than another. So...
  2. Techno

    Should I go flying? at a community event?

    This is a short-notice question to the community; I want YOUR opinion. I have the RCExplorer Tricopter V3 (using a KK2) and have just completed a successful test once again. I've had about 7 flights on this platform and I'm pretty comfortable with it. Also, I've had a mini quad which I use...
  3. C


    RotorDR1 (IMPORTANT) Hey guys i was just wandering what Everyone thought if RotorDR1 met the DJI Inspire 1 Comment and Post Below Thanks! :o:o
  4. G

    Cross-Platform Landing Gear

    As part of an engineering project for school, I've decided to try to design a set of landing gear that can be used for planes, helis, and multirotors designed for beginners or early intermediate pilots. I have ~2 years experience in RC, and I would like to get opinions from those with more time...
  5. B

    Proposed Tricopter

    Hello Everyone This is a proposed Tricopter frame that I have come up with, built towards stability in flight more than aerobatic flight.. of which I have a Tcopter in mind that I will render up later depending on the response from this Currently its "Super Simple" as I'm tacking it onto...