1. BS projects inc.

    Fun idea for a movie

    Who here has seen a Bruce Brown film such as Endless Summer or On Any Sunday? I love both of these films and I think a Bruce Brown type film would be an excellent way to shed light on the hobby for people who don't completely understand it. Especially considering that the hobby is under threat...
  2. Snarls

    Shopping For a 3D Printer - Advice and Opinions Needed

    Hey everyone, I am looking for opinions and advice on 3D printers. I am hoping to finally get my own 3D printer early this winter. Problem is, I know barely anything about 3D printers. I know the general concept of how they work, but I have no idea what makes one printer better than another. So...
  3. Techno

    Should I go flying? at a community event?

    This is a short-notice question to the community; I want YOUR opinion. I have the RCExplorer Tricopter V3 (using a KK2) and have just completed a successful test once again. I've had about 7 flights on this platform and I'm pretty comfortable with it. Also, I've had a mini quad which I use...
  4. C


    RotorDR1 (IMPORTANT) Hey guys i was just wandering what Everyone thought if RotorDR1 met the DJI Inspire 1 Comment and Post Below Thanks! :o:o
  5. G

    Cross-Platform Landing Gear

    As part of an engineering project for school, I've decided to try to design a set of landing gear that can be used for planes, helis, and multirotors designed for beginners or early intermediate pilots. I have ~2 years experience in RC, and I would like to get opinions from those with more time...
  6. B

    Proposed Tricopter

    Hello Everyone This is a proposed Tricopter frame that I have come up with, built towards stability in flight more than aerobatic flight.. of which I have a Tcopter in mind that I will render up later depending on the response from this Currently its "Super Simple" as I'm tacking it onto...