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  1. K3V0

    Color the sky!

    Good afternoon!I just finished building an FT Bushwhacker! Even though I’m by no means an artist, I’m proud of the work!🙂 I’ve gotten some positive feedback regarding this paint scheme and it made me want to start a thread on decorating our planes and ultimately, bringing more color and...
  2. C

    Help! How can I paint this styrofoam model to look like the image?

    How to get such a high quality finish? Starting with Plain white styrofoam that the kit came in and ending with the below effect.
  3. M

    Airbrush Painting

    Hi guys, Maybe I have missed it in the videos, but I want to get into airbrushing my flite test models and have a question on methods. What airbrush compressors/paint/sprayers/etc. are you guys using? What should I get to start with? Also when do you airbrush your models? After you build it...
  4. Aretaic

    Automotive Paint (!/?)

    Just scratch built my second 4ch FT Simple Cub with pontoons, and I'm liking the finished product more than my first attempt - enough to want to paint it! So I'm not a veteran of the Flite Test community or anything (having only built two planes), but I do work as an automotive painter at a...
  5. H

    TGY-i6 Custom painting.

    I recently had a crack at painting my Tx because it's relatively cheap and there wasn't much to lose. Not really happy with the end result, the front is really quite bad but the back looks nice, thought I'd post pics anyway. I sprayed 2 coats with gloss white and 2 coats of clear to finish it...
  6. R

    Ft Spear paintjob and templates

    So I've lasercut and built my ft spear, but I'd like to paint it similar to the Spear's in Vlog0012. Does anyone know where i can find the templates from Vlog0012 and what material they're in? how they adhered it to the surface? It would be fun to lasercut them. -Wander
  7. B


    Watched the newest FT trainer video, that's an amazing Speed Build kit for the money, plus will be great fun to just build gliders with the kids to get them interested. Another thing I noticed was how nice the finished (read: painted) build looked. I know there have been videos and articles on...
  8. J

    Great information if you're interested in airbrushing.

    I know this is a long video, but this is some awesome information for anyone who is thinking about getting into airbrushing. And no, I don't work for Badger Airbrush Company. :)
  9. P

    Avro Arrow CF-105 - No Audio Version - Enjoy

    Here's a time-lapse video for those unable to view the video with a sound track. http://youtu.be/zK-K6MgNzm0
  10. P

    Angelina Jolie Speed-Paint Video

    She's a pilot, and she's beautiful. :D Enjoy! http://youtu.be/7sBRGwRdR1o
  11. T

    Silk screening EPP Foam!

    Ok Group has anyone tried to SilkScreen EPP Foam? I was thinking for doing Names and logos a basic screen print would make stuff faster.. Please post in here.
  12. E

    Suggestion: Painting-fomaies tutorial

    Hi there! I have a suggestion for a forthcoming episode: do a foamie-painting tutorial. I noticed your foamies are always excellently painted, so therefore I assume you have some hints which could be useful to share.