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  1. CraftyPilot

    Plane Micro size Long EZ 1.1

    This is my take on the classic Long EZ but in a small size. It has a wingspan of 560mm and should weigh about 100g including battery and electronics. It's not a beginner build and will take some effort to trim and fly. There is not build video as the small amount of parts shouldn't be too hard...
  2. thatfpvkid

    Airplanes for 250 quad motors

    I have been looking for some planes to use Emax 2204-2300kv motors on because I no longer need them for an old racing quad. I had seen a few such as the FT-Punjet and other mighty minis from flite test but was wondering if anybody knew of any others. Thanks:D
  3. W

    (Das) Little Stick Parkflyer Plans

    Introduction The classic "Ugly Stick" and "Das Ugly Stick" are iconic designs that stand the test of time thanks to their simplicity and performance. Just like the originals, my adaptation uses a minimal amount of material and requires very little time to get airborne. In order to simplify...
  4. T-Richard

    Sharkfin 66 - A small, fun and fast parkflyer

    Hi guys, so last weekend was a great one for flying, I maiden a small wing that went really well. Shortly after I maiden another project I've been working on, this Before i go over the specs here is the maiden flight Anyways, went better than I expected. It's essentially a 66% Nube Tube...
  5. C

    Arttech Parkflyer with a GoPro

    My first post, and my first video. I was bored during the easter holidays, so I bought a 3-ch Arttech Parkflyer and strapped my GoPro Hero3 on it. I added some Billy Idol to the video for extra-funness!! Happy Viewing! http://youtu.be/WlL1YrK-Y7s /Joshi