1. J

    Phoenix area?!

    Anybody in here in Phoenix, or the valley that would want to meet up and fly this up coming weekend? Say Saturday the 5th of may? I go to a local park. Pretty empty and big, and the city allows model flying.
  2. J

    Phoenix, Az Checking In

    Brand new to the hobby. I'm in West Phoenix, and willing to travel to the east side. Shocker, I know, a Phoenician willing to travel :)
  3. C

    Phoenix Simulator / Spektrum DX6e

    Hi, I'm trying to use the Phoenix Flight Simulator with my Spektrum DX6e transmitter although this transmitter does not have a trainer plug (like a small audio jack). So, I was wondering if I could still make a bridge between the audio jack from the simulator (USB to audio jack) connected to...
  4. P

    could you review the Lanyu phoenix evolution PLEASE

    hey guys could you please review the Lanyu Phoenix Evolution its a powered glider with interchangeable wings can have 2.6m wing span or a 1.6m wing span from the little i know and have found online it seems pretty good but would really like flitetest input/ review cheers P0PZ
  5. M

    pheonix simulator scratch build

    has anyone used the pheonixbuilder to model any of the flite test scratch builds? i would love to see them modeled so that we can train on them in the simulator.
  6. BSquared18

    Can Mesh Be Resized in Phoenix Builder Without Starting Over from the Beginning?

    Hello, I have been able to take a model from X-Plane to SketchUp, re-texture it in SketchUp, run it through Blender, import it into Phoenix Builder, add the physics, and have a nice-looking, nice-flying model in the Phoenix flight sim. After I completed that process, flight tests showed that...
  7. FlyingMaddLadd

    How to setup your Tx with Phoenix Rc Simulator

    Hey guys, In this video, i show you how to setup your transmitter with phoenix rc version 3.0 - 5.0 +. Its a simple process, yet some people still struggle, Not to worry, I explain how, from plugging it in, to calibrating it, I have it all included :) Thanks for viewing! Please Subscribe --...
  8. FlyingMaddLadd

    [Review] Phoenix R/C Simulator v5.0

    Phoenix Rc Simulator v5.0 Review! Hey guys, Seamus here, yesterday i recorded and uploaded my review of Phoenix Rc simulator v5.0 which was recently released! I think the update is great and i love it! Why not find out for yourself :) Please Subscribe --...
  9. Hionimi

    Is there any good support for multirotor aerobatics in any sim?

    Hi all, I have the sim Phoenix myself and lately switched from planes to quadcopters. To get a feel how to do aerobatics with them, I of course started at the place where you can crash your vehicles for free, the simulator. Now, big issue I noticed in Phoenix is how limited the support seems for...
  10. PaulT


    Anyone else using this program? I researched as much as possible and because I am running Mac's choose this. Although it is a pc program, the Mac was easy to partition (installed a stripped down version of Vista) and glitches and very smooth graphics (which is why Mac's were created)...