1. W

    Photos and Instagram

    Hey Guys, If you have any pictures you would like to share and you have an Instagram account, please post them there too and use the hashtag #flitefest . We have created an account called FTAfterhours and have posted a bunch of FliteFest photos if you want to check them out. Have fun and keep...
  2. M

    Fans of Flite Test

    Are you a fan of Flite Test and want to meet other fans? Connect with fans of the show at My RC Hobby Zone. Amazing social connections, all your favorite flite test videos, photos, blogs and a community of RC hobbyist just like you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Connect today using...
  3. JimCR120

    Album Control

    I made an album where I plan to put the pix of past aircraft but somehow I made two instead of just one. DO I have the ability to delete an album, if so, how, and if not, I think it should be within the album creators abilities. The Monk in me is not liking this. —Jim