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plan downloads

  1. Mikey-101234

    Help! Bomb Templates?

    Can anyone make bomb templates? I just watched the latest video on FlitTest and they made bombs, can someone make a bomb template that is to make a bomb only made out of Foam Board?
  2. T

    FT Explorer Wing Loading

    Hi, I've just completer an FT Explorer which I plan to use as a test bed for a Matek 411 Flight Controller that I'm experimenting with. Having conducted some initial test flights (in manual mode - this thread is not about the flight controller it's about the basic design of the aircraft) I...
  3. B

    Newbee needs HELP!

    I'm an experienced RC flier and (balsa) builder. I gust received the Baby Blender kit and they say, "just go to flitetest.com and download printable plans and instructions. I've been trying, (unsuccessfully) for two evenings to find a spot on the website to do this.:confused: Can any of you...