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  1. P

    Hybrid planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet and pinewood/basswood booms

    It will be fun to see flitetest episodes for building and flying planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet, and pinewood/basswood booms. Will such planes fly as well as the dtf planes?
  2. B

    D8R-ii plus

    Hi, I just got the D8R-ii plus for my RC quad copter but I cant figure out what all the channels are. I have read the user manuals too. Could you guys help me find the 1-8 channels. Thank you.
  3. B

    How about merging RC cars with aircraft? Flying car?

    Maybe you guys can take on a challenge to build a flying rc car or truck (attaching wings to off the shelf rc vehicles). Also, maybe you can even use a fast truck like a brushless revo to launch a glider. This is some thing I haven't seen before.
  4. B

    FT Racer

    Hi guys, thanks for this wonderfull plans from FT Racer. It was my first scratch build plane. ;:D BobFreddy
  5. C

    A teacher's ceiling

    I took this picture while I was fixing some ethernet tacking in a teacher's room while they are on summer break. Mind you, this is only one half of his room that i got the picture from so there are more model planes to be seen.
  6. B

    New to flying Rc Planes

    Today i decided to buy something that i thought would be easy to learn to fly with. Im not currently at the stage where i want to be able to build the models but i figure i will be soon. Anyway my question is, is the Axion cumulus 200 good for a beginner? I mean bit late now as i have already...
  7. A

    spoied for choice

    I am thinking of making a scratch build , i want to make a plane that i can throw at the back of my car go to a small field and fly just for fun , i got a 6 ch transmitter , i have to buy the motor though i can re use a 930kv motor i got on my Cessna , and i can fly up to a nut ball , but id...
  8. T

    plans for flying wings???

    hey does anyone have good flying wing plan i can use i only have a sheet of foam, if any one does can they please tell me were i can get plans. cheers
  9. SkySlayer

    New ways for planes and choppers to combat.

    This is where we can share each others ideas on different ways to combat other that total annihilation and ribbons(boring).And ways for choppers to combat, lol i used combat my Robin22 against a R/C car that was great fun but there must be loads more ways. Please reply.
  10. Rcplaneguy

    What are YOUR flying fields?

    Hey everybody and thanks for checking out the thread! I wanted to make a thread about where you guys fly! Currently I fly at a local park about the size of 2 soccer fields. Come winter time my buddy and I build an ice runway on the neighborhood lake! Here is a picture and a video! Video...