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  1. J

    Gremlin Idea, would like suggestions.

    If I did this right, there should be two pictures somewhere on this post. I would really like a miniquad that I could just (literally) throw into a car and fly, and that was reliable. I have access to a PCNC Milling Machine, and some common plastic used for it, i found out, is actually somewhat...
  2. nhk750

    What tool is this???

    I found this tool in my hobby tool collection and I cant figure out what it is for. It is driving me crazy, I looked everywhere on the web too...anyone?
  3. captron360

    Putting plastic over foam

    Can you make a plane that is almost indestructible? Ever try plastic? I have been using it with the Bushwacker landing gear and had some REAL bad landings (well crashes) and it doesn't seem to ever get hurt. I have a quick video but can't seem to upload it.
  4. P

    Hybrid planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet and pinewood/basswood booms

    It will be fun to see flitetest episodes for building and flying planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet, and pinewood/basswood booms. Will such planes fly as well as the dtf planes?
  5. A

    Take a childs plastic toy, and turn it into an r.c.

    Take a cheap plastic toy. Could be a plane, or a bird, or a spacecraft, etc. Cut it a little, add servos, motor and electronics, and see how it flies. Preferably one that can be obtained by most people, just in case it actually flies well! CHALLENGE :-)
  6. R

    Gluing coroplast/ Corrugated Plastic

    So im working on a scratch build and im looking to use some corrugated plastic. the plastic is made out of polypropylene and not much stick to it. the only glue that i have found to work is hot glue but it isn't the best glue to work with. so if anyone has any advise im open to everything...