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  1. S

    Dihedral on FT Old Fogey

    Hey y'all,I'm wondering if I could use dihedral instead of olyhedral on the Old Fogey.Would it have much difference? Thanks in advance!
  2. madrulzzz

    Will this last minute polyhedral work on the Versa Wing.

    Finished building my versa yesterday night. Did not maiden it, but I already feel the need for a stability enhancement. What if I stick two triangular pieces of foam board at an angle to the vertical fins at the wing tips. Will It add to the stability or just be dead weight? Please note that the...
  3. H

    Polyhedral on DT Foamboard wing?

    Hello. I recently built Ed's Axon from ExperimentalAirlines (Axon video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKh1gjmTKvw) out of Dollar Tree foamboard and it was my first plane so I crashed it and bashed it a few times and now I am working on repairing it and modifying it to my liking. One thing I...