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porco rosso

  1. FoamyDM

    FTFC19 - April Showers by FoamyDM, Savoia Marchetti S55X (Porco Rosso)

    For the FTFC19 April Showers Challenge I will submit one From Scratch build that is in my idea folder: Savioa Marchetti, SM-55 depicted in Porco Rosso This was a real plane. First as a military vehicle then turned into a commercial endeavor. This has been done in Balsa Before, and as part of...
  2. JGplanes

    Porco Rosso LEGO plane

    Since “Jeremy’s FT episode” I’ve now seen Porco Rosso three times and will probably watch it again soon. It’s fast moving up my list of favorite aviation movies. Thanks Jeremy! My son and I were both commenting on how much we like the plane design, so after the last time watching it he came up...