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power systems

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    How to choose a power system when designing and building a multi-rotor

    I hope this is the right place for this, first time in this forum and a noob at anything RC. Eric said in the AP show that he always builds his own multi-rotors and that it was a great way to learn about how they worked. That inspired me to start looking at building my own 500 size quad to lift...
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    spectrum receiver voltage

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the spectrum receivers can take a 2 cell lipo battery. Can I plug the lipo directly into the into the reciever or would i have to use a uBEC? This is going to be a sailplane setup so there will be no ESC or motor. I want the setup that produces the best...
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    Discus Launch Glider Electronics Setup

    I am going to get the Dream Flight Libelle and don't want to use the receiver battery for it because of its 31-gram weight. I assume that I can get a lighter set up (in terms of weight) then that by using a lithium polymer battery and a uBEC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should...
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    Power System Help

    Hi, I needed some help putting together a power system that for a slow stick plane. Here's the link to some stuff I picked out http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_wishListPublic.asp?email=sidddharthamaru@gmail.com&idCustomer=1486212 Please check it out and do let me know if its good or...
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    Electronics info

    I'm getting started in RC flying and would like to understand more about the power train and electronics. By power train, I mean the ESC, battery, BEC/UBEC, motor components. The electronics includes everything else from servo to receiver. If anyone could recommend a good book with up-to-date...