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  1. C

    Can't get Punjet to fly. What am I doing wrong?

    I purchased the standard (recommended) Punjet setup from FT - the Power Pack A (Minis) and I cannot get it to fly. I am using the Loong-Max 800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery sold on FT, and the setup together doesn't produce enough thrust to fly. Also, I built according to instructions, and had to...
  2. M

    Maiden of Modified Versawing & Motor Question

    Well, I maidened a modified versawing today. It being my first wing, I am definitely hooked! I am running a Turnigy D2826 2200kv motor on a 40A Plush esc and flew with a 2200mah 3s 30c lipo. Got about 13 minutes of flight and had lots of fun, but I am thinking FASTER can only be more...
  3. B

    Problem powering up flip 1.5

    Hello guys, I am trying to build up the electrohub quadcopter from flitetest using electronic kit from ready to fly quads but I have some problems powering up the flip1.5. Basically, I am at the point where all my ESCs are connected to the distribution board. I plugged the 4 of them into the...
  4. K

    FPV power

    Hello! I was wondering how to solder a female balance connector onto my fpv tx so everything runs on one battery. Thanks :D
  5. R

    Tricopter power distribution and tail servo

    I have the bat bone with the ipeaka 22a esc and suppo motors from the flite test power combo. How do I power everything? How do I plug in the servo. The ESC's has a built in bec. Can anyone provide a diagram or layout of the harness? Oh and using the OrangeRx. If that's helps.
  6. A

    LED power usage calculations- am I doing this correctly?

    Hi, I am running a electrohub quad with a 3s 2200 mah battery setup. I added strip LED's to the arms for perspective and to play at night. I think I figured the power usage of the LD's correctly but can someone back me up? The LED's are advertised at 4.8 watts/meter. I have .81 meter (81 cm)...
  7. N

    Power Draw, In-Flight versus Bench

    One thing I've noticed in a lot of advice columns and articles is that most discussions of power draw are based on bench testing. Hook up the battery, ESC, motor, and prop, with a watt-meter in-line. Run it up, and check the power draw. Put it on a force balance and check the thrust. This...
  8. K

    Brushless Motor Shakes Then...

    Okay So I Bought My Stuff From HobbyKing It Arrived Got Everything Soldered And Stuff Then I Turned On My Radio And Put Throttle To Full Plugged ESC Into The Receiver And Plugged In My Battery Then I Waited On Beeps And Set Throttle Range Then Went TO Throttle Up And Then I Had Issues Where...
  9. P

    Judge rules that flying commercial drones is legal, for now

    First Post, but been following Flite Test for a few months now. I've been interested in FVP and toying with te idea of getting into it. I just came across this article that I thought people would be interested in. Source...
  10. T

    Versa pusher Power Pod adaptor

    === OP start === I am building a simple 15cm wide center section for the versa wing that will allow the placement of the power pod in either direction without changes to the pod or airframe in order to make it truly swappable. When I am done I will make plans available and submit an article...
  11. Bob_Curtains

    FT Racer "Power" Issue.. Suggestions???

    HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow FT Community RC Addicted Friends, Need some help. I just finished my "General Lee" FT Racer and purchased "the Beef" from Lazertoyz as recommended by the FT good-ole-boy's. Took it out this past weekend for its maiden flight and noticed a couple of things that i need to...
  12. A

    F450 New Build Lack of power.

    Hi All, Finished building my F450 today, Naza Lite with my Turnigy 9x TX and RX. Motors are DJI 2212/920KV with 30A ESCs with stock dji props (8045), battery is a turnigy 2200mah, voltage alarm showed cells as full. First flight in back garden was great, so we took it to the beach. On take...
  13. B

    Add pusher power Pod to Simple Soarer

    I am about to build a SS as project to entertain me as I recover from should replacement surgery. I plan on using it as both a tow launch and power glider. That said, I am toying with the idea of adding a power pod above and just aft of the wings. Something similar to the Bixler (II). So...
  14. P

    Computer charging supply help?

    Hey guys I just upgraded to a 200watt 10amp charger from my old hobby king 50watt charger. My power supply keeps cutting out when I try to charge at 10amps. I'm guessing there isn't enough power. My old charger could charge at 4.5amps and that was the max. My new charger it will rise to about...
  15. JDConover

    Thrust vs Power to Weight Ratios for Prop Planes

    I'm scratch building the FT Cruiser and would appreciate all the help that anyone can provide in designing the power system from the ground up. I know that I can use the parts specified by Flite Test but I really want to learn the fundamentals for future builds. I'm not into 3D flying yet so I...