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Pumpkin drop event


  1. Cwildred.Gunn

    Mini moth experiment

    Hello, This is the start of a project that I want to scale up and get electronics on eventually. I call it the moth. I designed the airframe and wings based on a picture of a moth. It is intended to be a fantasy(fun) build and an exercise in aerocrafting. I have just started the hobby and this...
  2. Bennie_1 for site.JPG

    Bennie_1 for site.JPG

  3. Rolf vertical for site.JPG

    Rolf vertical for site.JPG

  4. Roman_2forbigpic.jpg


  5. Hustler for HUSTLER.jpg

    Hustler for HUSTLER.jpg

  6. T2 OpenProjects

    New Project: Open Source 3D Printed Plane Project

    Intro (Skip if You Want!): I've been a long time lurker on these forums, but I do a fair bit of designing/building/flying of planes, and it has been a long term goal for me to embark on a project specifically for by fixed wing fans and put it up on these forums and become a contributor myself...
  7. T-Richard

    Resto-Mod Project HK Cessna 182 1500mm to STOL airplane - Log

    This is a progress log of my project to recycle and old Rc plane and turn it into a sort of fantasy STOL airplane. Inspired by the huge amounts of nice bush planes available on the market lately I wanted one of my own. I wanted mine to be different and also thrifty! I was originally going to...
  8. Pigfarm1403

    Anybody up for a big project Flite Fest East 2018?

    At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, a cnc machine, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested...
  9. Pigfarm1403

    Flite Fest East 2018 Large Project. Anybody interested?

    At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested in building a...
  10. O

    Project and Intro

    Hello, First off I would like to introduce myself. I am Jaxon, I live in Ohio and I have experience with drones but, I am new to building my own aircraft. I plan on designing and building one in the near future. I take several college classes even though I am a Junior in High School. I have a...
  11. R

    Big inspiration with Big plans

    i recently went to kissemmee airfield and got inspired by an image of their plane "Precious Metal" only to learn an unfortunate event resulting in it now being a charity thing so i want to build an rc of their craft. and donate it to the members their since afew do fly rc's...
  12. F


    Hello I tried this earlier but no one seemed to be interested but I wanna try one more time. I have had this idea for a while to try and build more of the swappable jets and i figured since there are three letters of the phonetic alphabet for the first 3 jets (alpha, bravo, charlie), why not...
  13. travelerdawg

    CPE Senior Design Project 2016

    Hello everyone, I am a senior Computer Engineer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I have been approved by my professor to present a project to the class and university for consideration. This project involves developing a camera base with the capabilities of tracking a race drone...
  14. T

    An idea for an exciting project and/or challenge

    Hello to all, my name is Jeffery! Inspired by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q1BQG8Vm1A I came up with a simple idea for a challenge:•The competitors build drones and or planes •They switch up builds and whoever can do the most damage to the other's aircraft wins Clearly it may...
  15. W

    DIY Multirotor Recovery Parachute System Build [WIP]

    Hello there Pilots! Introduction First things first, I just registered myself to the forum and therefore am not sure if this is the right Forum to post this. Please correct me! So, I just started building myself a 450 sized quadcopter. The quad will be used to do some homebrew aerial...
  16. A

    MultiRotor project, please help!

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie in the world of multirotors and relatively uninitiated in the RC world. However, i am doing a project at college that requires me to build and fly a drone as a platform for something relatively heavy. I know you are all going to suggest i start off with something less...
  17. A

    Doubts about almost everything

    Hi,:) my name is Adrià Cabeza, I'm from Spain, and probably I'm the newest member of this forum, so I'm a little bit lost. I'm sixteen years old and in Catalonia(where I live) there's a kinda final project for every student that means the 40 % of the final marks so it's very important... and my...
  18. C

    Aircraft to use in university project

    Hey everyone! I'm just at the beginning of a university project where we're going to be testing some equipment on the ground, measured from a UAV. We're still not sure what platform to use, so I'm now investigating the possibility of using a fix-wing (instead of multirotor). Anyway, I would...
  19. G

    Planes with dihedral , Is possible place ailerons ?

    Hello Flite Test friends, I´am great fan yours. I already did the fantastic old fogey project and I really enjoy it !. Now my next one will be the mini series "Old Speedster" . But When I built the old fogey I had a doubt, : What would happen if I place ailerons in planes that has dihedral...
  20. Snarls

    rctestflight flying sled

    I'm home from college for the weekend and here in Massachusetts there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground and more than 4 in some areas. Instead of risking a white foam board FT plane or my quad at a field, I decided to build something to navigate the snowy jungle of my neighborhood. I had seen...