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  1. P

    Emax brushless motor issues

    Hey guys, I really need someone's help on this... I've just received new Emax brushless motors from Banggood and one isn't working as it should be. Most of the time, it oscillates and doesn't spins properly. However, it works fine without the prop, but as soon as I screw the prop on and I...
  2. N

    Prop Pitch Question

    Hi Ladies and Gents (are there any ladies on here?) Anyway, I'm struggling with the prop pitch question, I have 12inch props on the hex and am switching between 12x6 and 12x4.5 but am not sure which are better. The craft is an Aerial photography and videography build so stability is important...
  3. sdabiker

    How to program an ESC - Brakes

    I have noticed that each time the "guys" fly without landing gear they never break a prop. How do they do it? Do they have a programmed ESC with a brake or just something that keeps the prop stopped in the same position. I would like to learn. Anyone that can help would be appreciated.
  4. amtpdb1

    Post what plane/motor/prop/esc/battery, you used and it worked!

    I have read many posts that people keep asking if this motor, prop, esc combination will work. How about people coming here and post what Plane-Motor-Prop-Battery-ESC. combination you have used and it worked well. People also ask how long you can fly with the combination. How about telling us...
  5. OGBugsy

    HotRod Motor/Prop Test Stand

    I just pimped my motor/prop test stand and wanted to share a couple pics. It's just two scrap pieces of 2"x6", black spray paint, Rubber feet from Home Depot and a 10"x19" decal. I'll attach the flames art .pdf for those interested. :) Download Flames Decal ----> OGBugsy
  6. Maingear

    Kraken Incident Report

    Built Kraken exactly as published with suppo gear and metal gear servos. 10 gauge harness from batt to ESCs. Both esc would not run on a 2c 5000mah batt (within spec of electrical system) in lipo mode(1). Consulted suppo factory and recomended manually checking cells to ensure min voltage not...
  7. S

    Understanding Power/Props - Ecalc

    Hey guys, I have found this awesome website (ecalc) but am struggling to fully understand it. Could a few of you help me out please? I have attached an image of an example The motor I am trying to compare it to is the motor I am currently using and the prop I am using. Everything is working...
  8. S

    Prop Rotation?

    Here's what I think I know. Please help me. I think standard rotation = left hand rotation = counter clockwise rotation. I'm assuming that I would be fine ordering either type of prop as long s I had the motor spinning the right direction? Yes or no? If the previous statement is true then I...
  9. P

    Prop substitute for FT Flyer

    Can someone recommend a good substitute to the recommended prop for the FT flyer (GWS EP Propeller (RD-8043 203x109mm) (6pcs/set)). Preferably one that is available in the HK EU warehouse. Thanks!
  10. B

    Prop Saver Not Holding Props On

    I've been using the recommended electronics on my FT Flyer and my FT Delta. Specifically the motor is a hexTronik 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1300kv. Lately I've been having trouble with the prop flying off mid-flight. In fact, if I hold the plane in my hand and run the motor all the way up, the...
  11. T

    Prop saver or no?

    I want the community's opinion on prop savers. I started off in this hobby on fixed wings and using prop savers but they have been the biggest problem on the field. I often find myself replacing O-rings, watching props fly off the motor in the air and hearing the low pitch buzz alerting me...
  12. B

    Reversing props on a tricopter with KK2

    Hello all! My first post on Flitetest forums! I just got into flying multirotors and decided to start with a tricopter. (And I'm starting to realize that starting with a tricopter may not have been the best of ideas..) I've managed to scour the web and various RC forums to be able to get my...
  13. R

    Old Speedster prop rotation

    Hi all, I purchased a 9047R SF prop http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=38917 from HobbyKing. As I look at the prop from the front of the plane it will be rotating clockwise. Did I buy the wrong direction of rotation? I know this plane is sensitive to torque...
  14. Techno

    Prop Problems:

    Today I went to my field, assembled my plane, and throttled up. Then the prop saver's rubber band flew off into some grass. Does anyone know why it came off, or if I am doing something wrong?
  15. G

    Baby Blender Help Needed

    Hey guys, just built a baby blender with the recommended components (Turnigy plush 25amp, NTM 1200kv, 3s 2200mah 8x4 prop) And I just can't get it to take off. It seems to me like it does not have enough power or my plane is too heavy. Do you think that an 8x4 prop is too small. Is there any...
  16. mmeyer

    Various prop and battery size reccomendations

    I was wondering what some good sizes for props would be which i can use on a range of different planes. I would like to be able to swap different props in and out depending on what i want and i was wondering what some common sizes would be to purchase. I would also like to have a range of...
  17. F

    Noob question about tricopters

    Hello, I would like to build my first tricopter after David's design (From RCexplorer.se) and I may have a stupid question. Would there be any major advantage's of putting on 3 bladed props over the normal 2 blades? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:confused:
  18. voipmonkey

    Tri Copter Prop Confusion

    Hi Guys i am a little confused. I sort of fell out with the whole tri copter thing a while back as i did not understand why oh why my creation would not fly. I followed all the guide and nothing would work. So i am still a little confused about props on a tri. David always says you in all videos...
  19. D

    Motor Selection

    Hi Guys, I have the 36.6in Hobbyking Yak54 (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=10350), and I am looking to replace the geared inrunner with an outrunner. I am interested in learning what motor, ESC & prop combination I should use to retain similar performance to...
  20. B

    Blades bite

    Don't put your hand out to fend off a Cheap-N-Easy! I'm just getting back into flying RC at 59 years old after being away for right around 25 years. I started with a Park Flyer ultra micro P-51. A bit twitchy but so light it is tough as nails. Then an AXN Floater Jet, not as tough but fun...