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q x7

  1. raneous

    Q X7 OpenTx 2.2.0 Can't find SH down S or SH down L?

    So I'm absolutely a noob but have become semi efficient with OpenTx 2.2.0. thanks to the wonderful inter webs and Youtube. I actually managed to setup a secondary arming safety so that if my arm switch is flipped the throttle has to return to -100 before it will arm. That was a fun adventure but...
  2. D

    Searching for a Taranis Q X7 or FRSKY XJT at Flitefest West

    Hey Flitetest-friends:) I am visiting Flitefest West this year. I am superexcited but I have one little problem. I am from germany and need to bring a lot of stuff for a camping trip that I am doing after flitefest. And since I wanted to either upgrade my Transmitter module from a FRSKY DJT to...
  3. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX Battery Capacity Remaining Lua Script

    Taranis Q X7 OpenTX Battery Capacity Remaining Lua Script http://rcdiy.ca/battery-capacity-remaining/ https://youtu.be/AeMpwOn516s The battery capacity remaining script was taken by a user, improved, and sent back to me to share with the community. This is what open source is all about...