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Pumpkin drop event


  1. Snarls

    The Props Aren't Always The Only Sharp Things That Spin

    Check out this video from Tested. Jamie Hyneman attaches a circular saw to his quadcopter to do some landscaping...or is he preparing for the zombie apocalypse? It's one use for a multirotor that is unique because it does not involve a camera or cargo transport.
  2. RedTwenty

    Getting in some stick time with the mini quads...

    This isn't article material but I had such a great time exercising the fingers the other day I wanted to share a couple of the videos. The two frames I was flying were the R220 & PM300 mini quads. Both are frames I CNC cut myself as those who follow my articles on the main site will be aware...
  3. P

    Quadcopter or Tricopter

    I have been flying quadcopters for quite some time but mainly have been rtf. I really want to make a multirotor for fpv racing. I'm stuck on the fence between trying to make a 250 class quad or a tricopter as I like the yaw characteristics of a tri and they are relatively cheaper to make. Any...
  4. R

    First Quadcopter Build questions

    Hi All, This is my first Quadcopter build and so far everything seems to be going good. I do have a few question for the pro's out there. I have a Acro Naze 32 flight controller and I wanted to make sure that I am hooking up my ZTW Spider 20A OPTO ESC correctly. I have all four ESC connected...
  5. H

    QAV 250 qaudcopter

    Hi I have found this site: http://www.banggood.com/QAV250-Carbon-Fiber-ARF-Combo-EMAX-MT2204-12A-ESC-CC3D-p-965217.html it sells a qav 250 quadcopter with all the electronics a battery and a charger for only 140 euros, I found it really cheap but I do not know if this is a error on the site or...
  6. I

    Good 400 to 500 size quadcopters?

    I am looking into buying a 400 or 500 size quadcopter to be used for some sport flying, as well as some aerial photography. So far I have looked at the Xugong Pro, QAV400, as well as the Cinetank Mk2. Is there any other good frames in this size bracket (400 to 500)? I would like to have the...
  7. T

    Star Wars speeder bike

    Somebody just sent me this link and I just had to share it!! http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/13/this-guy-turned-a-quadcopter-into-a-star-wars-speeder-bike-and-its-amazing/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000591
  8. I

    Good Aerial Photography Quadcopter

    I plan on doing some aerial photography during the summer, but my only multirotor at the moment is a FPV250L. I want to upgrade to something a little bigger and more reliable. I want to be able to carry a gimbal and gopro as well as my fpv gear (I already have a gopro and fpv gear, but i need to...
  9. I

    FPV Snowmobile Chase

    I had the chance a couple weeks ago to chase a snowmobile out on the frozen lake using my FPV250L. It was a great evening to get some footage with a beautiful sunset. Check out the video below!
  10. Barron.Barnett

    Give yourself space when launching...

    Leave your self plenty of space to get stable. Don't launch when the space is going to be extra crowded by your subject matter, and if you have to, just wait for the next run. In other words don't be this guy... Thankfully no one was hurt and it looks like the semi thought it was a bug.
  11. F

    Quad Flips on takeoff

    Hey guys I just built my first quad and am having some issues. When I give the quad enough throttle to take off, it just flips to the front or side. I have the FC mounted in the right direction and have tried the full throttle punch to do a quick take off and it still flips. I have tried with...
  12. K

    ElectroHub 3D Arms Model (Spider Quad)

    Hello everyone, I am posting this thread to let everyone know that if you damage, break, or don't like to use the wooden booms for electro hub I have a solution. I caded up a design for the spider quads arms. There's 2 pieces, the front arms, and then the back arms. Basically if you have a 3D...
  13. Croom

    Quad Flying on Top of a Mountain

    I was flying my Quad on top of some mountains in California. Got some pretty cool stuff.
  14. P

    Landing gear suspension with dampening - maybe.

    Hey all. After seeing some great examples of board isolation on multicopters thought some of these ideas might also apply to landing gear. So, the idea I've borrowed is to use earplugs as suspension and I hope the attached image explains this. BTW, not sure about outer/inner diameters of CF...
  15. J

    Quadcopter flips and falls out of the sky

    The title pretty much sums it up.. I have a Flip FPV Pro quadcopter frame. (which is now broken..) 4 iPower motors 4 ESC's from ready to fly quads with SimonK firmware Flip 1.5 multiwii flight controller from ready to fly quads I have calibrated my ESC's and done all the necessary setup to...
  16. P

    250mm Quad build help

    I'm looking to build a 250mm quadcopter. I found a chassis I like but it has nothing with it. I'm just curious what exactly i need to get to get it up and running? Thinking of getting 2300KV brushless motors (they come with esc and props)
  17. G

    Racing Quadcopter Scratch Build

    Hello world, So I have decided to step into racing quadcopters. As usual due to financial constraints and me not being a good enough pilot to justify a good expensive frame I have decided to build one myself. I had a look at the “proper” frames and tried to replicate it, knowing that I might end...