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  1. S

    Extra motors, multiengine projects

    The motors on my pumpkincopter are the 2212 1000kv orange cheapies, for now. As I look to upgrade the motors on my XJ470 in the future, the more powerful Multistar cans from that will probably end up on my electrohub (again, pumpkincopter) quad. I really don't want to have all those motors...
  2. C

    Foxeer Monster V2 OSD voltage not working

    I have a Foxeer Monster V2 and it works great, but now I would like to set up the voltage meter to display on the OSD. It came with an input labeled "VSEN" and the wire attached was just a bare wire at the end. I read somewhere that if I was using the 12v pad to power my camera (which I am) I...
  3. G

    Flying through a hole in a cliff in Dorset UK - Beautiful

    One of the guys on the Herts FPV facebook group decided to go to the seaside and film this lovely sequence - enjoy - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtM9lkSEWLc
  4. M

    PROPELLER EXPLOSION! too much power?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get my f330 working, and it seems that the Emax cooling 2208 1500kv motors, were so powerful that they exploded all the 8050 props on my quad. My girlfriend standing about 10 feet away got stabbed with one, and i was literally holding the base of it, and didn't get...
  5. C

    Needing help with FPV on first quad

    I have a Foxeer Monster v2 and a Eachine ATX03 transmitter. I can't figure out how to power the transmitter or how to connect the transmitter to the camera. It looks like a connector on the camera might go onto the flight controller but I don't want to break anything. I'll attach pictures and if...
  6. M

    330 flamewheel with landing gear needs motors and esc's.

    Hey everyone, I need some recommendations for the motors and Esc's to put on my new 330mm flamewheel frame with landing gear. I've only used 2205 2300kv motors in the past on my 220 and 280 quad and they work very well. I just wonder if they would provide enough lift for this model. it seems...
  7. J

    I need help finding a Flight Controller

    Hi, guys! im new to the flight test forums (although not new to forums in general) but i hear that this is the place to be. I need help finding a flight controller that is compatible with a drone design i am looking to build. Actually, any suggestions would be great, i had a versa-copter but i...
  8. M

    Best flight controller for 250 quad w/ alt hold???

    Hey everyone! Need some advice on the best fc to use for my 250 quadcopter. I'm using a turnigy 9x with frsky xjt only, no other mods, stock firmware. I've been wanting to move away from the SPRacing f3 boards for some reason, I've broken 3 of them and have tried the acro, then deluxe, then...
  9. M

    Quad n00b doomed, defeated, but determined!!

    **Scroll down if you don't want the back story** **Thanks in advance everyone, and happy flying!!** Let's not beat around the bush here. I've bought a lhi 220 quad kit online and have had much difficulty setting it up. I've purchased 3 receivers 3 sets of Esc's 2 sets of motors, 2 pdb's 2...
  10. K

    FT Gremlin - modifications to the FT Crew's stock frames

    Has anyone done any special modifications to the existing FliteTest frames? I've seen people designing their own frames from scratch, but not much in terms of using the existing FT designs and printing custom mounts / landing struts and whatnot. The Gremlins are still fairly young, so I'm sure...
  11. V

    Hello and some questions about a 250 Racing Quad

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, and I wanted to ask a question regarding my Quadcopter. I'm using a 250 frame with a 3 Cell 2250mAH Lumenier battery, and it has 12 Amp BLHeli ESCs, along with EMAX MT2204 KV2300 Motors. As I have only flown this drone for roughly three months...
  12. A

    Wifi interference with 2.4GHz control frequencies

    Hey all, I have an entry level quadcopter that operates on a 2.4GHz control frequency. I wish to fit my wifi action camera and then fly FPV off my phone. Has anyone experienced problems with controlling their quadcopter while using a wifi camera i.e. losing control of the quad due to wifi...
  13. B

    Emax Femto F3.. I Fried It

    Looking for a bit of help locating the regulator it still all powers up via the usb and works fine in betaflight, Just looking for some help locating the regulator i have attached a link to pictures but they have come out terrible quality. any help is appreciated. I have come to this forum as i...
  14. elicottero78

    Can you build my laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter?

    Good day, here you can download the dxf files of my project.....laser co2 cutter drone quadricopter....naza lite or kk v2 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2180170 Hope you can try it, I want your opinion, thank you
  15. HilldaFlyer

    Foam Whoop

    Foam Whoop HilldaFlyer April 2017 DIY replacement frame for Inductrix or Tiny Whoop made from foam core board. The punishing winter indoor flying season took its toll on my Inductrix / Tiny Whoop. Overall I was really satisfied with the durability of the Induxtrix. A friend at my club 3D...
  16. N

    Racerstar 30a esc freak out with Kiss FC

    I have recently finished a quad build, but once I arm the quad and apply throttle the motors don't spin until i give full throttle and the escs begin to beep. There is no control over the motors and as far as I can tell everything is wired correctly. I have manually calibrated the esc using the...
  17. J


    lately Ive been seeing alot of ADs for this "KuDrone" a 4k Micro Quadcopter (about the size of a Nano QX) priced at about $109(us) advertised but its more towards $200. its an IndieGoGo campaign $50,000 goal but they achieved that and are currently around $120,000. im just wondering how evryone...
  18. J

    Help my FS-T6 reciever isn't working

    I cannot get my receiver to power on or to bind to my transmitter. I have a quadcopter in which everything else is working perfectly, but I cannot get my the receiver/transmitter to work. The transmitter itself is working fine. All ideas are welcome.
  19. D

    HELP--Racing Quad Build

    Hi all, First off I put a poll up to help decide what size frame to get. I'm looking to possibly build a mini racer, but I'm not sure what components to get. Preferably, I would like one that is around 100mm, and durable so when I crash there is a less chance of breaking things. :) I might...
  20. P

    ESCs burning out Help!!!

    Hey everyone, I am making my first quadcopter and am following FT 210 Quadcopter - BUILD video. I am using LUMENIER 30 AMP BL HELI ESC'S. I was using Betaflight to test out the motors. Just after 20s motors spinning on very low throttle all of the ESCs got really hot. Is this normal since there...