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  1. N

    Quadcopter Will Not Lift Help!!! Using SunnySky 4108 380kv Motors Only 2086.52 grams

    Hi, I have built a Hobby King X650F quadcopter. The total build weighs 2086.52 grams or 2.08652 kg or 4.6 lbs. I can't seem to get the quad off the ground. My parts are as follows: HK x650f frame 4 x Sunnysky 4108s 380kv Emax 40amp Ubec ESCs 5000 mah 3s 30c battery - I combined 2 of these...
  2. T

    Dome for electrohub

    I just wanted to share this little find. I recently built an angled arm racing quadcopter with the electrohub like Eric Monroe's in the Naze32 setup video and really wanted to get a dome to protect the flight control board like the one Eric used. I searched online and couldn't find one with...
  3. Snarls

    Velocirotor - FPV and Aerial Videos by Snarls

    Hello everyone, I am excited to announce the launch of my new Youtube channel - Velocirotor! The concept of making and sharing aerial videos is what got me into the hobby and now I finally feel ready to start producing my own videos. Most of my videos will be freestyle FPV at various locations...
  4. C

    The Drone Cyclone Company "A Gift offering for ALL Flite Test Members"

    Good Hello everyone, I went to the Flite Fest 2015 on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 in honor to the meet the Flite Test crew and it's awesome viewers. While I was there, I was handing out to many a FliteFest coupon for The Drone Cyclone Company an rc company based out of Doral, FL just outside of...
  5. M

    Electronic power distribution board on DJI motor set

    Dear Flitetest forum I am currently building a scratch built quad copter. I Bought the E310 motor set from DJI (http://store.dji.com/product/e310-4) and saw in the package that there is a small power distribution board. Now I've read in the manual to solder the Wires direct on the board But...
  6. K

    Programming a mini quadcopter receiver board

    I got this mini quadcopter which flies. But, I thought, I would program it to take some autonomous decision. Since, it has both gyro and 3 axis accelerometer built-in, it should be capable of auto correct few flight problems. It has an Atmega328p chip. Means there is possibility that I can...
  7. T

    Timber Drone: The first DIY drone kit for everyone!

    Hello Flitetest, My name is Riley Turner and am a college student at UCLA who wants to make drones approachable for anybody. I set out 10 months ago to design and produce the best drone kit on the market and this is what I came up with! I call it the Timber Drone. Timber Drone is as follows...
  8. B

    Walkera Runner 250 Problems

    I recently bought this racing Quadcopter that was called the Walkera Runner 250. It flew well until I crashed it. It was about 35 feet up and then I dropped all throttle and could not correct it after adding more. It crashed on one side but nothing was apparently broken. Then when I tried...
  9. 1

    Having to fun with With Quad "It's extremely dangerous"

    Having some fun with with Quad "It's extremely dangerous" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO8BT5i2RqE Tell me what you think and music and setup are in the YouTube description.
  10. K

    Proof read my quadcopter build please!

    Hi guys so im planning my first scratch quadcopter build after toying around with a small quad for a while and I now want something to get some aerial footage of the world with my gopro! Im hoping to keep this build cheapish and here is what I'm planning to get so far: Motors- Multistar 2213...
  11. C

    Tarantula X6 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis IOC FPV RC Quadcopter

    YiZhan YZ Tarantula X6 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis IOC FPV RC Quadcopter without Camera (Mode 2) - Blue / Black http://www.chinabuye.com/yizhan-yz-tarantula-x6-2-4ghz-4ch-6-axis-ioc-fpv-rc-quadcopter-without-camera-mode-2-blue-black
  12. C

    Wiring and ESC's?

    Hi, I am building a Tarot Iron Man 650 quad for AP. Im using 740 KV motors with 30A ESC's. I was wondering about power distribution, would it be ok to solder the wires together or would that cause heating issues? I was looking at some of hobby kings power boards, but iv heard they get very...
  13. Croom

    Aerial Cinematic Practice - Awesome Shots on Mountain

    Some Practice filming Cinematic Aerial shots. I got some pretty cool footage.
  14. I

    Golf Course Aerial Video - Cinetank Gimbal FPV

    I spent a few hours taking video and editing it for a promotional video for a local golf course. Check out the video, hope you enjoy it. The video is taken with a Cinetank Mk 2 quadcopter, and a tarot 2 axis gimbal with a Gopro hero 4. Thanks.
  15. D

    Seriously annoying ESC problems

    Help is needed! I have nearly finished my not so fancy kk2 quad and on its maiden, one of the motors stopped turning. I needed to push it a little to get it going, otherwise it would just wiggle, and I also need to move my throttle nearly halfway up to start the motors. Im using the reccomended...
  16. L

    Flying quad attacked by bees?

    Curious if anyone else has run into this. Flying in a field - once I got above 30-40 feet, the quad was attacked by a swarm of (apparently suicidal) honeybees. This happened several times over the course of a couple batteries. Always out in the middle of the field, not near a tree or obvious...
  17. Croom

    Quad Formation Flying

    Practicing Formation Flying with a friend. Not the best at it yet, also considering the breeze and temperature. Enjoy!
  18. C

    cheap quadcopter photography fpv setup

    hi, I am looking for a quadcopter that i can use to film my family when on holiday or out for the day. I have trouble getting around and walking so i can't get a paper round or anything so i can't afford to buy the expensive dii's, blade, and all of those quadcopters and was wondering if anyone...
  19. 1

    QAV 250 FPV Proximity in Trees

    Had some fun flying in the trees and had some funny moments as well hope you enjoy Go to YouTube to see more videos and to see my spec for the quad if you want to know them.
  20. C

    Which motors do I use?

    Hi, I am currently ordering parts for a Tarot Iron Man 650 that I will use for AP. I am torn between two motors. The "Quanum MT Series 3508 700KV Brushless Multirotor Motor Built by DYS" or the "Multistar Elite 4006-740KV Multi-Rotor Motor" I will be using the Qbrain 4 in 1 25A ESC, does...