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racing quad

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    The rotors (tops) keep coming off of my motors

    I have a racing quad with br2205 2300kv motors. It's happened to two of the motors now, the circlips I think they're called that hold the top part of the motor on have came off in a crash or hard landing and in later flights the rotors come off when I hit the ground because that piece is...
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    FPV Racing Serial Receiver Help

    So I ordered the Eachine Wizard X220 ARF (Almost Ready To Fly). I have a Spektrum DXE Transmitter so I wanted a receiver that would work with it. I got the FPV Racing Serial Receiver and wanted to know if and how I could plug it into the FC (Flight Controller) or if I need to solder it. Here is...
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    Dome for electrohub

    I just wanted to share this little find. I recently built an angled arm racing quadcopter with the electrohub like Eric Monroe's in the Naze32 setup video and really wanted to get a dome to protect the flight control board like the one Eric used. I searched online and couldn't find one with...