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radio control

  1. glideher

    Micro Lazy Bee Balsa 10" wing span

    here are some pictures of this here micro lazy bee, 10" wing span, 25 gram flying weight, next version will be under 19 grams and fly a lot slower
  2. A

    Help! First time RC build: help with parts

    Hello everyone! I am new to building RC planes and I need help with parts. For my first project, i'd like to build a glider with a movable elevator and rudder (no ailerons). What do I need? I have a controller, and I know I need 2 servos/servo horns. What other fancy tech stuff do I need...
  3. C

    Old 3 channel RC helicopter transmitter?

    Can I use my old 3 channel RC helicopter transmitter for a plane? Can I also somehow hook it up to my computer and use it in a RC simulator? I'm new to this and don't have a plane so please keep things simple. Thanks.
  4. S

    Unique RC Models From MIA Micro-FLIGHT: Microlights, Ultralights, Autogyros, Quads

    With so many RC models done all over the world, these are some of my favorite videos because they are not of your typical airplane or quadcopter and since no one has posted about these before in this forum, I am doing so with the intention to showcase something that may not be familiar to some...
  5. D

    Gas engine RC plane

    Hi guys, i'am young engineer from Lithuania. I'm trying to build carbon frame plane with two cameras one in the front and one 360 camera under it controlled remotely from ground station. Currently i'm looking for some resource how to build plane with gas engine. I know how to build with...
  6. Phoenix Defender Group

    Electronics Help

    Hi, I have a question I am not completely new to multi rotor and i do have some experience flying but i have only flown RTF i am about to buy my first kit I am planning on buying a tarot 650 quadcopter and i have a question based on my electronics I am using these motors...
  7. F

    RC blimp for Aerial Video

    Hey all, I have been asked by my church if I could do dome aerial video work for them at an up coming event. They first asked if my airplane would be able to fly in a 800 person arena. I said it could, but it would end up hitting a wall and fall onto people. I did mention to them that I have a...
  8. T

    GoPro Hero 3 First Flight Video

    Here is my first flight video using my New GOPRO Hero 3 Camera and My Bumble Bee Quad Nothing fantastic Just a test flight Bumblee quad is Stock with a 3 cell 2200 mah (20C) lipo Camera Mount is from Hobby King You can see me tilt the camera up and down in the video. Im just getting into...
  9. W

    New Product Skyangel NEW PRODUCT Screamer 50mm EDF Sport

    New product from Skyangel is coming mid of June SCREAMER 50mm EDF Sport Jet http://www.hobbyb.com/2012-new-skyan...html?cPath=117 Have a good day. Hobby B www.hobbyb.com
  10. T

    A Few Of My Flying Videos.

    Hobby King Galaxy F3p Foam plane kit HobbyKing 3D - HobbyKing Tristania-EPP WMPARKFLYERS YAk55