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  1. Q

    Turnigy i10 Radio upgrades

    I just visited HobbyKing and there is a new firmware update for this radio http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__58455__Turnigy_TGY_i10_10ch_2_4GHz_Digital_Proportional_RC_System_with_Telemetry_Mode_2_.html I plugged in my radio and the PC was supposed to update drivers etc but its not...
  2. Andre

    Andre Gets A Taranis.

    Oddly enough I never had an intention to own a Taranis it just sort of happened. If you listen to the recent podcast you'll hear the back store. I'd gone for a flight with the Sukhoi and accidentally lifted off in Stagility mode/ high rates. "Really wish my radio would talk to me..." Plus as...
  3. Robbie

    Why fly Mode 1?

    Hey guys, I have been in the RC community for several years now and I just cannot understand why people fly Mode 1. To me Mode 2 just seems so much more intuitive and simply superior in terms of control, accuracy and learning curve. Lets face it Elevator and Ailerons in a plane/quad are...
  4. S

    FS: Spektrum Dx6 Practicly New!! $180

    FS: Spektrum Dx6 Practicly New!! $SOLD SOLD!!
  5. R

    Where has the customer service gone?

    Well, I'm new to the hobby. My son and I are building the FT22 and have it looking good. Our radio arrived today, and I am a little ticked at HobbyKing right about now. I want to post my story here so other newbies will learn from my folly. So my five year old say some youtube videos and said...
  6. I


    Hi ppl, I just have 1 question... I just built my first ever FT Versa Wing (1st plane EVER) and I need to know if it will work with my radio/transmitter. I have the Hobbyking (MODE 2) that was like $28.00... WILL IT WORK??? PLEASE SAY YES or I may need to find ANOTHER new hobby!!
  7. R

    Help needed with parts for FT Versa Wing

    Hey guys, I am extremely new to the hobby, and looking to build my first rc plane next month! I am currently looking at building the FT Versa wing, and making it the "pusher style". I am really looking for help out rigging this plane with a powerful, yet manageable motor and power system. I...
  8. D

    Recommended reciever for FT Racer?

    Hello, this is my first post to the forum and i am about to begin my first FT speed build kit. I just about have all of my materials together to start the build of my FT Racer. I am wondering if there were any recommendations or suggestions on a receiver for this plane? I'm definitely still a...
  9. Kurt0326

    Fr Sky Taranis Haptic Feedback Mod

    I got my package in today from helibatics.com, can't wait to install. One other thing I will need to do is to update my Taranis to ver 1.2. I hear that it's still in testing still so... more to come in the future. Update: 6-5-14 So I installed the Mod and installed v1.2 firmware. Haptic...
  10. H

    27mhz to 2.4ghz?

    I have an old 27mhz radio, from Heng Long. They make tanks. I bought it for an exuberant price from my brother. I want to upgrade it to 2.4ghz system, with ease. All I have done is cleaned the internals, and remove the spring that resets the throttle to 50%. Can anyone give any advice or tips...
  11. Vlad

    Looking for room to grow

    So I am looking at spending about $100 to $150 this summer on a radio and receiver combo. I want to have at least 6 channels to work with so I can do bomb drops and stuff. Something that lets me have presets for different planes I own would be nice. Im open to anything a little over or under...
  12. H

    Is the Taranis for me?

    I'm looking for a transmitter that I can keep for a long time to come. I see the Taranis and it looks good, but I could use an opinion. I will be flying quads, hexes, helis, etc. for now but I plan on also flying planes later. I would like it to be able to work with Spektrum and AnyLink, and I...
  13. FlyingMaddLadd

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review!

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review Hey guys, Just sharing my unboxing and review of the spektrum dx9 with you guys, I think it is a great radio, Full of features and i definately recommend it to you. Check out the video to watch my review :) Please subscribe to my channel also, It helps me ALOT...
  14. S

    Newbies: Advice for buying a radio and receiver

    In starting out, you're probably primarily looking for value for money, I know I am! What can you get that gives you the most features for the lowest cost. Well I've done a lot, and I mean a LOT of research into my new hobby (girlfriend says 'fad'), and it was how I found Flitetest.com. Awesome...
  15. ofiesens2

    Radio reccommendations

    I am trying to figure out what radio system to use if I am to get into all the FT scratch build airplanes. I received the FT Flyer, Nutball, and Delta Speed Build Kits for Christmas, along with a Spektrum rx so I think I will be staying with the Spektrum and OrangeRx brands. I already have a...
  16. Z

    Flite Test radio straps

    I think you guys should sell Flite Test radio straps with your logo and name on them in your store! I know that if you did, I would buy one! :D
  17. K

    Robot communications

    I know this may not be the right place for it but I'm building a fully autonomous robot that will traverse through any building and map out a blueprint of what's in there. (Original idea was three quad copters, but seemed a little dangerous with all those props flying around people :) ) I'm...
  18. S

    Number of channels and telemetry

    Hi, I am looking at buying a new Transmitter and am relatively new in the hobby but anyway, this is my question. Why is having more channels good? What can you use them for that makes spending an extra couple of hundred dollars worthwhile. I mean once you have 6 channels: rudder, elevator...
  19. A

    What radio to get?

    Hey. I am a total newbie. Well almost. So far I have flown toys, my only two semi real things are a JumpJet that I had a couple years and recently bought a Parrot Ar.Drone 2.0. I have also had Realflight 4.5 for a few years. Two years ago I bought a bunch of parts for a quadcopter build from...
  20. Will

    Suggestions: Radio Mount for Monitor, Video RX, and Telemetry

    Hi. I'm searching for a good mount for my 9X radio to attach a 4" display, RC805 video RX, Quanum telemetry display, and a 3000mAh 3S battery. Can you guys give me some tips of a good way to do it? Links to diy projects are wellcome. Tnx. (here is an example of a guy who did what I'm looking...