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  1. Craycle Hobby

    Our New Free Model Ranger V2!

    Ranger V2 is now our newest 3D printed RC trainer plane. With this model, we aim to reach people who have just started making 3D Printed Model Airplanes and who already have a 3D printer. You don't need to have model airplane building experience. By following the simple instructions in the PDF...
  2. ramarao

    RC Sea Plane Build with Depron

    This is my new scratch build RC sea plane with 12mm depron. Electronics: A2212 - 2200KV BLDC Brushless Motor 30A esc 6x4.5 bullnose propeller 1300mah 3s battery 9g servos Total weight with battery:668g
  3. A

    Question about DIY aircraft

    So, I’ve recently been trying to get into the hobby of RC planes, and I was thinking I would buy a Fokker from the mighty mini series. It said stuff about the propellers and battery, but nothing about a controller and stuff. So I was hoping someone could tell me what I need to assemble and fly...
  4. ramarao

    GEOBAT Rc Plane Build and Maiden video

  5. ramarao

    GEOBAT Rc Plane Build

    Hi all This is My latest build Geobat RC Plane Build with 5mm Depron Electronics: 2200kv motor 30A esc 6inch propeller 1300mah 3s lipo
  6. S


    Which airfoil is best for both aerobatics and payload?
  7. andycho

    After 30+times crash I fly an other 39 times, I feel I can touch the sky now!!

    Thanks for guys' advice and encourage.. This help me a lot, and I also record my last fly time. I fly the FT-Versa Wing last saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM in the morning. I can feel the improvement of my flying skill. a little, but fun! so happy~ I feel I can touch the sky now. keep up :)...
  8. andycho

    30+times crash video of my flying wing..but finally I can fly..

    I am new one,play with rc hobby about 2 months. This is my first made and fly RC aircraft (FT Blunt Nose Conversion).I fly it more than 30 times but still not good enough. But I learn a lot of things about fly. It is a awesome journey. I like the video record my mistake, and also I will keep...
  9. andycho

    Build progress of making FT-Blunt Nose Versa

    It is my first build of RC plane. It is FT-Blunt Nose Versa. I record build progress by GoPro Hero 3+ time-lapse mode. But because of I'm new, I can't fly it well, after a while I will post my test fly video. hope someone can point what I am wrong.