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ready to fly quads

  1. adamlepp

    Flip 1.5 + Mini uBlox 6M GPS [Help Needed]

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out. I just bought a Flip 1.5 and Mini uBlox 6M GPS from RTFQs. Are these two components compatible with each other? All I really need from the GPS module is position hold and return to home. If they are, what's the proper way to connect the two (which pin...
  2. P

    3DR's APM 2.5 vs. RTFQ's ReadytoFlyer 2.5.2

    First off, so please forgive me if this has been asked already. I did my best to search the forums before posting. How does the ReadyToFlyQuads' ReadytoFlyer 2.5.2 compare with the 3DR's APM 2.5? Also, it is worth noting that the 3D Robotics APM 2.5 is now EoL and being replaced by the still...