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realflight 7.5

  1. Jonny Gum

    Wanted: Realflight for my Mom to Learn to Fly

    If anyone has an old realflight that they don't use much, I'd love to buy it. Preferably something like 7.5 or above, not the really really old ones. My mom has been wanting to learn how to fly, but my realflight (7.5) moves around with me. If possible, I'd like to buy a 7.5 so that we can do...
  2. PilotSam

    Fun with RealFlight 7.5

    I just got RealFlight 7.5 (the version with the Tactic transmitter). I am loving it. It's more of just something to do when I can't get out to the field to fly. I don't actually use it to practice. That's just me, some people might be different. I really like how you can change the physics like...
  3. Croom

    Realflight 7.5 Glitch! (Spazzing Airplane)

    So, I was messing around with the "Edit Plane" Function on Realflight 7.5 and noticed that I could change the wing size. I got out a Piper Cub and set wing size to max (787), which I am assuming is inches. I did not change any other proportion of the airframe, so the wings were a bit oversized...