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realflight 7.5

  1. PilotSam

    Fun with RealFlight 7.5

    I just got RealFlight 7.5 (the version with the Tactic transmitter). I am loving it. It's more of just something to do when I can't get out to the field to fly. I don't actually use it to practice. That's just me, some people might be different. I really like how you can change the physics like...
  2. Croom

    Realflight 7.5 Glitch! (Spazzing Airplane)

    So, I was messing around with the "Edit Plane" Function on Realflight 7.5 and noticed that I could change the wing size. I got out a Piper Cub and set wing size to max (787), which I am assuming is inches. I did not change any other proportion of the airframe, so the wings were a bit oversized...