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    Setting up PWM

    Hello! I am building my first ever racing drone with a PWM setup but I am having a few issues that I cannot figure out so I was hoping to get some help. I have a SPRacingF3 Flight Controller connected to a FS-IA6 RX going to an FS-I6 TX. I know that everything is set up correctly because the...
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    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C)

    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C) I have a Spectrum DX4e transmitter that came with my Hobbyzone Super Cub S With SAFE. The plane came with a bind plug but it didn't come with the DX4e reciver (the reciver/ESC, I think/gyro with SAFE was built in with the plane). I've been wanting to make my...
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    How to know (from the plane perspective) that the signal is lost?

    [Solved] How to know (from the plane perspective) that the signal is lost? Hi everybody, this is my first post, First of all, thanks to each one that make it possible. Well, let me explain a little bit mi idea: I wanna build a "smart" (maybe no too much) system that do this: IN THE PLANE...
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    Turnigy 9x receivers

    Decided not to sell
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    Nutball 35MHz controller, will it work?

    Hi! I'm completely new to this hobby and are planning on making my absolute first airplane, the Flite Test-style Nutball. The thing is that I have a simple RC airplane controller I got when I bought my first airplane. It's a 4-channel controller, and it is using 35,08MHz. I want to use this...