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    Customizable (research) drones for bachelor thesis needed

    Hi @ all, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis, where I need to compare some (ready-to-fly) drones and their adaptability. So far I found the Ascending Technologies research drones http://www.asctec.de/en/asctec-research-uav/ as well as microdrones...
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    Tips for running a UAV business

    Because I'm aspiring to be a professional UAV builder and operator, I'm starting this thread to collect tips on running a UAV business. You can just give the most important business lessons you've learned, or I have some questions to get the ball rolling. Full disclosure, I'm writing a business...
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    Aircraft to use in university project

    Hey everyone! I'm just at the beginning of a university project where we're going to be testing some equipment on the ground, measured from a UAV. We're still not sure what platform to use, so I'm now investigating the possibility of using a fix-wing (instead of multirotor). Anyway, I would...
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    At a glance, Lightning

    Granted I have a blog and I will be keeping it posted on how this works, I wanted to add to this topic of scratch building. I am working on a Weather Research Drone that is designed to study lightning.. The hardest part of the project was finding a concept that fit into the plan for the study...