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  1. L

    Catch a falling parcel on a parachute

    Challenge: Snag a falling parachute mid-air Description: I would love to see FliteTest replicate the NASA feat of catching spacecraft on parachutes. It would be an amazing show of what can(or can't) be done with RC aircraft. It might also be challenging to design and may be worth a few VLOGs...
  2. dannyboy70000

    How do i get a plane out of a really large tree?

    i have been making a sort of video blob on my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZU_gEb4c4nhdRfCKDQVrg, i got my FT-Flyer with all my electronics and a few of my friends stuck up in this massive tree. Have you or anyone you know gotten there plane stuck in a massive tree...
  3. MojoFlyer

    Airplane extraction after tree "Landing"

    Parked/Landed my FT Tiny Trainer high up in a pine tree this evening after work. Tromped around in the thicket of vines and smaller trees below breaking rotting limbs off to try and throw at my plane. I hit the plane a few times, but it didn't budge. Got all scraped up in the process. Then...