1. Epic Water rocket launch

    Epic Water rocket launch

  2. Epic Water rocket onboard view

    Epic Water rocket onboard view

  3. Jesse Dupreez

    Saturn v foam model rocket build

    Hi everyone I am making a saturn v rocket out of foam I first tried to use Fusion 360 but could not flatten it ,so i decided to use gimp.... I am making plans it will be 1 meter or so high
  4. J

    Balancing Drone - DualCopter (RC Rocket)

    Hey Everyone, I've been working on a project over lockdown and thought I would share it with you all, hopefully it will be of interest to a few! I've been tinkering with Arudino boards now for a few years and one project I wanted to try was the balancing robot. This looked cool but I thought...
  5. RC Lover

    Landing a Rocket Vertically, without Being a Billionaire

    Hi there, I've built and tested a prototype of the Rocket Drone (I'm currently patenting), equipped with a "hybrid" motor/engine. This could be an interesting way of retrieving the model rockets (water or pyro), without using the parachute. Please take a look at it and let me know your opinion...
  6. FoamyDM

    FBRC 2018 Spacefarers of Catan by FoamyDM

    This thread is to document my jump into model rocketry with a Spacefarers of Catan Model Rocket. The Plan I will use foam board to build the rocket and a simple set of led circuits to light up the Cannons have For the rockets, I will be making a number of these: using the screw on...
  7. R

    How much longer till we get some free plans for the FT Shinden???

    It's been a while, but I was watching some of the older videos on YouTube today, and Josh B. said there were going to release the Shinden "soon" several times. When???? I sure I can't be the only one who thinks this plane would make a great addition to the hangar, no matter how it flies. I know...
  8. FAI-F1D

    Rocket Designs and other free flight fun

    Following the many favorable comments, I'm succumbing to the demand for more details on swing wing rocket glider designs. Following completion of an article for publication in this year's Free Flight Symposium, I'll be converting the information into a format that is usable here, probably as a...
  9. FrozenCanadianFingers

    A Different Take on Davids Rocket Plane

    I had the bright idea one winters day last week to put Estes rockets onto a plane. Having only found one video on the YouTube of a guy who just taped one on a trainer. Also having seen David's rocket plane, I thought I'd take it farther and build an EDF Jet that had two D sized rockets onboard...
  10. P

    Rocket challenge!

    Hey guys =D As we all know, David Windestål loves planes, and he has an affinity to bring things to the edge until nothing is left. It has been so with the rocketplane he destroyed with a f-rocket he glued into this. Today I've seen a Video about selfmade candyrockets, and I assume that this...
  11. TehMaxwell

    Upgraded FT Versa Wing - I cannot believe my eyes!

    I have been wanting to upgrade the set-up on my Versa Wing for a while, on my original set-up (1600kv Motor, 8 by 4 Prop, 20Amp ESC, 1000mah 20c Battery) I was only getting five minutes maximum on flight times and had to fly at around three quarters throttle all the time. I used thicker 9mm Foam...
  12. M

    rocket/prop plane

    can you make a plane that takes off with a normal engine, then gets up to altitude with a rocket engine and then flies back with the prop engine + if you want a challenge make the plane from foam PS: it would be cool if the plane had a twin boom tail
  13. T

    RCgutt channel teaser - RC planes, rockets, mad Norwegians and a roll of toilet paper

    I've compiled a few clips of crashes and other fun stuff from the hilarious rcgutt channel, as a response to Subscribe to for your regular dose of Norwegian RC madness!
  14. jsut210

    Rocket Plane v2!

    I've had this idea since the very first rocket plane and I think I've submitted it to FT directly (not through the forms). Anyways my idea is to have some plane (probably a wing) that would have a rocket strapped to the back. How is it different than the first rocket plane? The difference...
  15. D


    Hello everyone, Brand new member. Hooked on watching all the videos. Now I had a crazy idea. After watching the crazy video with David and his rocket plane, I was thinking, what if those rocket motors could be used as missiles. Have them hanging under the wing an some sort of slide so it can fly...
  16. F

    Rockoon! Launch fpv rocket or rocket glider from edge of space

    I would love to see the guys build on the fpv to space glider segment with a FPV rocket launched from balloon at edge of space. A rocket with some "guided missile" type steering would be a possible precursor show. I really enjoyed the FPV to space episode and would love to see others along the...
  17. S

    Do you have a rocket on your plane?
  18. T

    Rocket Launched Powered FPV Glider!

    Out of all the flitetest episodes I have watched I'm yet to see any rockets! They fly too so don't discriminate. To make it interesting, because to be honest once it goes Pssssffft it gets kind of dull! - Have Bixler tow it as high as he can see with something epic (Haven't seen many...
  19. R

    Model Space Shuttle.

    I got this idea when i was watching the bomb drop video. I thought you guys could make a space shuttle. The two rocket boosters will be easy to make, and will be powered by hobby rocket engines, which can be bought cheaply. The massive fuel tank will probably serve no purpose other than...
  20. G

    Model rocket catch/recovery

    Here is the idea. I remember reading about recovering parachute bourne space vehicles mid air with a "catcher" mounted to the front of a c-130. How about doing something like that with a model rocket floating down to earth and a FPV equiped rc plane???? That would be some fun!